I’ve been thinking about you because I’ve observed a pattern:
a huge gap between your big vision for your life in 2014
and your mindset habits that are keeping you stuck in a holding pattern.

Whether you want more money and clients, a healthier body, the love of your lifetime, or satisfying relationships with family and friends.

mindWhat is your mindset costing you in getting what you want?

There are 3 mindset factors hindering your ability to get what you want.

If you are weak in one or more of these areas, you are going to miss out on the results that you want.
And a year later, you and I will be having this same conversation.
You–wondering why you still haven’t manifested what you really desire.
Me–cheering you on, reminding you that it is possible if you simply make this adjustment.

Read further and see where you lie in these critical mindset habits of success.


Your ability to excel in these 3 habits will create a quantum shift in your life and your business. Conversely, look at where you are struggling and observe where you are lacking in one of these 3 areas.


Decisiveness is the ability to make decisions quickly (Oxford English Dictionary).  Decisiveness is a character trait that the uber-successful master. Successful people make decisions swiftly.

Assess: are you a decisive person? Or do you waffle in ambivalence?

Do you take postpone answering emails because you cannot decide upon how you should answer?

Pay attention to your language. Lately, I’ve been focusing on how ambivalent language creates indecisiveness. By changing your language and speaking like a decisive person and becoming aware of how that attribute shows up in your life, you can develop the attribute of decisiveness.
Have you DECIDED that you are filling your coaching program? Is it a non-negotiable?
Have you DECIDED that you are generating X amount of income in 2014? Or is it just a wish or a want?
Have you DECIDED that this is the year you are attracting your eternal love into your life?

So, you have made a decision. Now, it is the time to follow up your decision with action. Are you fully committed to your decision?
If there is any leakage in your commitment, you are hampering your ability to get what you want.
For example, Michael Bernoff describes 3 categories of desire: “non-negotiables, wants, and dreams.” Non-negotiables are actions that you are completely committed to doing.
Are you committed to paying your mortgage? Or do you wondering each month whether you should pay it or not?
Are you committed to your marriage? Or do you consider the option of leaving?
Are you committed to creating financial freedom this year? Or is it a nice wish?

Non-negotiables are the activities that we will do– NO MATTER WHAT.

Do you pick up your kids from school? Do you feed your children? Do you pay your employees on time? Do you eat food? For many people, these are non-negotiable habits. You do not waste time deciding if you should do this or not.

But often, your commitment to getting what you really want (more income, more clients, better health, and improved relationships) is falling short. And we waste TONS of energy in that gray area of indecisiveness and non-commitment.

For example, after the birth of my third child, I wanted to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. But my commitment to that goal fell short. For 3 years. So this year, I set my intention, and I made subtle shifts to make this happen. (For years I struggled with an eating disorder, so I choose to make these shifts with grace, love, and ease).
And each day, my commitment increases.

I am a few pounds away from that pre-pregnancy weight, and it happened effortlessly (in correlation to my decisiveness and level of commitment).


Focus on your ability to channel single-mindedness into your object of desire. If you are a creative, it is easy to scatter your energy in different directions. Are you a multi-tasker?
But if you can harness all your energy into getting what you want, you will manifest the results you want.

Do you think about your desire all the time? When you wake up in the morning? Before going to bed? Are all your thoughts upon how to make it possible?

When you are able to make decisions swiftly, make a commitment, and focus on getting what you want, you will start to get traction. Observe yourself in these 3 areas. Where do you need to improve? Be honest with yourself.

Share you thoughts with us below on this topic. When have you been completely committed, decisive, and focused, and what were your results? Or where do you currently need to improve?

Let’s start a conversation.