3 Reasons Your Energy Is Repelling Clients and IncomeThis week, I experienced several sales encounters where I was the potential customer or client.These situations reminded me how easy it is to rock the sales conversation. But your beliefs and your money blocks may be repelling what you want so much to create.

If you know why you don’t have more clients and income, you can shift and manifest what you really want.

Your vibration around money and success is foundational to increasing your sales and/or income.

Here are the 3 reasons your energy is repelling clients and income.

1. You are invested in the belief that it is difficult to make money or the sale.

At the mall a salesperson stopped me on the way to the Apple store.

I passed the booth a thousand times. But today, my hands felt dry. Perhaps, I needed hand cream.

I accepted the sample. Before I knew what was happening, the guy was slapping Dead Sea salt on my hand. He rubbed my wrist with a cool balm and an intimacy that made me uncomfortable. He talked to me quickly.

I only wanted a hand cream, but he was offering me a $150 miracle balm. Every time I tried to walk away, he offered another product. His words were so smooth and urgent. Soon, he had stacked up 6 products for the price of one. My head was whirling with the numbers.

I attempted to walk away, and the price lowered again with the scent of desperation.

I empathized with this sales guy. He looked sorrowful. He was afraid I would leave without closing the sale. “People never come back.” He announced.

But I felt confused. I wanted to buy from a place of power, not from being manipulated.

I might have bought the product, but I didn’t want it on impulse and his unctuous words felt too slippery.

Despite my conflict, I liked him. He was an affable man. In fact, I wanted to buy from him, if only to make him feel better about himself.

But I also felt annoyed. He took up 20 minutes of my time, piling on one offer after another, pulling me away from where I intended to go.

This man’s energy repelled the sale. He did not hear what I wanted. He did not respect my autonomy.

His words and tone diminished me in a subtle way. Like he knew better than me.

I studied him. His energy and belief system projected that it was hard to make a sale. That he needed to manipulate the customer into buying with a whirlwind of offers.

If he shifted his energy and allowed me to step into what I wanted, he would have closed the sale. He did not get to the root of what I really wanted.

When you do not close a sale or make the money you want, consider your beliefs.

How is your belief that it is hard to make a lot of money manifesting in your life? Or that only entrepreneurs who have a spouse support them can create successful businesses? Or no one will pay me this price?

Congratulations, you are an awesome manifester! Acknowledge the power of your thoughts.

Now, choose other thoughts and back them up with inspired action.

2. Your feeling of “not good enough” is repelling income.

In another instant a colleague made a $1200 offer to me. I agreed to it. And yet she never followed through on the sale. When we discussed it later, she didn’t hear that I said yes.

And that may seem unusual. But there are income opportunities around us all the time that we repel because of our feelings of unworthiness.

I noticed unworthiness showed up when I met people whom I perceived as more successful than me. I attended a workshop where the mentor dined with all her participants, except me. I placed her above me, and I didn’t want to be needy. It was my fear of intimacy showing up in another place.

Or have you ever been offered to connect with an influencer? But you don’t seize the opportunity because your own feelings of lack?

I would repel Opportunities like this all the time, until I cleared the block.

What Opportunities are you subconsciously repelling because of your own feeling of I’m not good enough?

3. You shun your innate brilliance.

Think about what you must do to hit your goals this month. Is it pitching in front of a group? Enrolling 5 clients? Enlisting JV opportunities?

Our fear and doubt stop us from fully shining.

It is our self will and ego. It is our pride.

If you were fully aligned with God’s will for you, you cannot fail. If you just show up and do your best from a place of love and service, you shine.

Those thoughts of not enough are defying the workmanship of your Creator.

I do not use the Lord’s name in vain. It is part of my spiritual practice. And though I stumble in other areas, I am perfect in obedience to this commandment.

Because I know the power of words, I committed to refraining from this speech. It was a change since in my past I swore like a stripper.

You must make the same commitment to banishing self-doubt. It doesn’t mean that you never feel doubt or fear.

But you trust that God has a bigger plan for you. And that all you need to do is show up and take inspired action every day. You have to trust that the person on the other end of the line has called you for a reason. That God has put you each in front of each other to learn. And if you show up fully, staying present and in service, speaking the truth, you are a success.

Anything less is blaspheme. You must develop an ethos where negative thinking is banned from your mind.

Declare martial law on negative thoughts.

It doesn’t mean you never have them, but they are not welcome.

Your ability to manifest more income and enroll more clients is tied to the energy of certainty.

In other words, your success in enrolling more clients or making more income is inseparable from your faith.
Shift to this energy of certainty, and you will become unstoppable.

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