This isn’t the kind of question we often ask each other, but are you settling?

Are you settling for less in your life?

You may be busy, and even look successful, but you know the answer.

It often registers in the stomach and heart area.

Are you settling for less in your life?Recently, I wrestled with this question.

It was Saturday. Time for an adventure. My children and I chose rock-climbing at an indoor climbing wall.

Like a Daddy Long Legs, my 9-year-old daughter shimmied up every wall until reaching the top. It looks so easy for her. No fear. Pure grace.

“It’s my thing, Mom.” Everyone should have a “thing,” I thought.

I, on the other hand, clumsily stepped into the harness. With hesitation, I scaled the wall.

Legs shaking. Palms sweating.

One-third up the wall. I stopped. I looked down. Fear caught my throat as I looked down. This was hard. My heart pounded furiously.


Next, the thought committee convened:

“You don’t need to do anymore. See, you are getting older. Not as young as you used to be. You are a mom. Here is good enough for you. Time to get down.”

The committee was quite convincing. And I listened, rappelling off the wall.

How many times have you set a goal, only to stop short of getting what you want? Have you retreated? Or do you get distracted? Swerving just slightly in a different direction?

Retreating is a habit. It doesn’t matter if you want true love, more money, a career aligned with your purpose, a joyful family, or a passionate marriage.

When we settle for less than getting what we want, we die inside.


Mediocrity is comprised of a litany of little deaths.
And mediocrity is the enemy. “Just settling” is the subterfuge from living your purpose.
self-sabotage was deep pattern in my past.


One way to shift is to start seeing the patterns.
As my mentor Shanda Sumpter often points out, “How you show up in one area of your life is how you show up in all areas of your life.”
I couldn’t afford to settle.

So I stood looking up at that monumental wall.


My willingness to commit to getting to the top was critical to my success in life.
Yes, it’s just a rock-climbing wall, a leisure activity with my family. But one’s level of commitment to their word is a measure of a success mindset.

So I stepped into the harness and climbed again.

This time, when the thought committee weighed in on my activity,I ignored them.

I focused on the next step. If I gazed up at the top, I felt overwhelmed. And the thoughts of doubt started to creep in.

But the next step, I could do. If I mustered all my energy and focus on finding the right placement for my foot, I could hoist my body up higher.

I focused on where I could grip my hand for balance.

I didn’t look down. The view of the distant floor scared me.


I harnessed all my energy on each baby step.

And before I knew it, it was one big leg push to get up to the top.


I did it!

If you have committed to your vision and you start to feel overwhelmed, what is your focus?

When you truly focus on the NEXT STEP, you lessen the feelings of overwhelm.
To be truly successful, you only have to execute the next step.


Today is only what counts. It isn’t really the end goal. So as long as you are focused and taking inspired action, you are a SUCCESS.

The irony is that the energy of success generates more success.

If you are struggling, slipping into overwhelm, or feeling like you hit a plateau, re-evaluate where to shift.


If your vision is aligned with your purpose, and you are committed to your vision, then concentrate on FOCUS and BABY STEPS.

Eliminate the distractions, and take the next baby step.

And let me know how that works for you.

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