What if financial prosperity were really within arm’s reach? Unlocking the secret to prosperity requires mastering 5 simple keys to manifesting abundance.

Unlocking the Secret to ProsperityWhat is stopping you from experiencing true prosperity? Most likely, you need to develop in one or more areas. Over the past several months, I have studied the qualities of the prosperous entrepreneur.

I interviewed over 25 prosperity experts. If all these experts embody similar qualities, acquiring prosperity is not merely a matter of luck or good fortune.

If you persistently decide to nurture these attributes in yourself, you can prosper your life beyond your wildest dreams.Adopt these winning qualities, and you create prosperity in your life. Plain and simple.

Over the next 5 posts, I reveal the 5 keys to creating prosperityHere, I share the first key, unlocking the secret to prosperity:

Take Responsibility for Your Present State
I am the creator of my own life.

When you truly own the above affirmation, you become empowered. One of the basic principles of The Laws of Abundance is: Your thoughts create your reality. 

Take a look at what is presenting in your life. In my twenties, I created money chaos in my life. Unpaid parking tickets that escalated to court action. Collection notices when I ignored bills. Racked up credit card debt.

If you observe money drama in your life, what is the common denominator in all those situations?

In my situation, it was me. What about you?

Have you ever noticed a pattern of service providers or employees that leave you dissatisfied with their work, their reliability, or trustworthiness? What is the commonality between all those relationships? You hired these people. When you can take responsibility for what is showing up, you can shift your current situation.

Do you attract friends who are toxic or treat you poorly? Are your children showing you disrespect?

Notice what is presenting in your life.  Ask, “How can I choose differently? What are my beliefs or thoughts that are contributing to this current situation?”

There is immeasurable power in asking this question. When we notice what thoughts are creating this situation and choose different thoughts, we shift our present reality.

Here are some affirmations to create a shift in your experience of prosperity:

I attract employees who support me and are loyal.

I am a patient mother who enjoys spending time with respectful, obedient children.

I give my children all the time and attention they need.

I can be a loving, attentive mother/ father and a successful businessperson.

I attract service providers who give excellent services and are trustworthy. 

I enjoy deeply satisfying and intimate relationships with positive, supportive, and adventurous friends who embrace a prosperity mindset. 

I am grateful for all the financial resources to pay my obligations in full in month.

Please share below your questions, thoughts, and comments on this post. Let’s start on conversation that facilitates a prosperity shift.