Unlocking the Secret to Prosperity: Part 1

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Success Strategies

What if financial prosperity were really within arm’s reach? Unlocking the secret to prosperity requires mastering 5 simple keys to manifesting abundance.

What is stopping you from experiencing true prosperity? Most likely, you need to develop in one or more areas. Over the past several months, I have studied the qualities of the prosperous entrepreneur.

I interviewed over 25 prosperity experts. If all these experts embody similar qualities, acquiring prosperity is not merely a matter of luck or good fortune.

If you persistently decide to nurture these attributes in yourself, you can prosper your life beyond your wildest dreams.Adopt these winning qualities, and you create prosperity in your life. Plain and simple.

Over the next 5 posts, I reveal the 5 keys to creating prosperityHere, I share the first key, unlocking the secret to prosperity:

Take Responsibility for Your Present State
I am the creator of my own life.

When you truly own the above affirmation, you become empowered. One of the basic principles of The Laws of Abundance is: Your thoughts create your reality. 

Take a look at what is presenting in your life. In my twenties, I created money chaos in my life. Unpaid parking tickets that escalated to court action. Collection notices when I ignored bills. Racked up credit card debt.

If you observe money drama in your life, what is the common denominator in all those situations?

In my situation, it was me. What about you?

Have you ever noticed a pattern of service providers or employees that leave you dissatisfied with their work, their reliability, or trustworthiness? What is the commonality between all those relationships? You hired these people. When you can take responsibility for what is showing up, you can shift your current situation.

Do you attract friends who are toxic or treat you poorly? Are your children showing you disrespect?

Notice what is presenting in your life.  Ask, “How can I choose differently? What are my beliefs or thoughts that are contributing to this current situation?”

There is immeasurable power in asking this question. When we notice what thoughts are creating this situation and choose different thoughts, we shift our present reality.

Here are some affirmations to create a shift in your experience of prosperity:

I attract employees who support me and are loyal.

I am a patient mother who enjoys spending time with respectful, obedient children.

I give my children all the time and attention they need.

I can be a loving, attentive mother/ father and a successful businessperson.

I attract service providers who give excellent services and are trustworthy. 

I enjoy deeply satisfying and intimate relationships with positive, supportive, and adventurous friends who embrace a prosperity mindset. 

I am grateful for all the financial resources to pay my obligations in full in month.

Please share below your questions, thoughts, and comments on this post. Let’s start on conversation that facilitates a prosperity shift.


  1. Nicholas

    As best as I can determine it, I take full responsibility for my present state. I write about responsibility. I teach it. And I have no faith in affirmations.

    • Tera

      Hi Nicholas, if you have not faith in affirmations, they cannot work. The Law of Attraction operates on the principle of faith. The minute you doubt and say, “This isn’t happening for me,” it is like pulling out a newly planted seed because you cannot see evidence. You prevent the seed from taking root.

      Look for evidence in your life where your beliefs have manifested.

      That is why this blog post suggestion is an effective exercise. You are a powerful manifester, just not of what you want to create.

    • Ber-Henda

      It is not about having faith in the affirmations but faith in yourself. You were created to create and the awesome thing is that you and God can have a conversation about how that looks and feels. Do you believe that you can do it? The why and how are not your concern all you have to do is walk through that open door and show up as your authentic self! Nicholas means Victory of the People…live that. By virtue you are victorious 🙂 Affirmations are just words if you don’t believe in the indwelling divinity that can and will make it happen 🙂

      • Tera

        Good points, Ber-henda. But I also know many people who have great faith in God and His Divinity, and yet they are not manifesting prosperity in their life, and not just prosperity, they are not fulling living their purpose.
        Where is the disconnect?

        For me, I look to the subconscious and energy blocks to see where what you say and believe belies what is actually in your subconscious.

  2. Luci

    Tera thank you so much for sharing this secret. I must admit that even though I have affirmed that I am the creator of my life, and that I have created most of the financial challenges I am facing (and have faced) because of some very deep seated negative beliefs, I still partially blame my husband or see the lack going on in my (our) lives as a result of his poverty conciousness. I guess really anyway that I want to turn it, it all comes back to me since this is the partner I chose, correct?

    I truly appreciate your generosity and your willingness to share what you’ve learned about prosperity with others!

    Thank you and Bless you!

    Luci H.

    • Tera

      Thanks for your candor, Luci. You still have the power to shift your family. Perhaps, your willingness to step into your power will influence your husband. He is, after all, attracted to you for a reason. And energy work can be effective in helping a stuck spouse be open to shifting.

  3. Edwina

    I am going to try this. I accept that I steer my own life, but acknowledge refinements are continually needed.

    • Tera

      Thanks Edwina for your words! Good work in being willing to shift!

  4. Drue

    Tera, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful wisdom. It is what I really need to hear and apply in my life right now in order to break through blockages and step into my power. Any suggestions on how to steer clear of those in our lives who have a poverty and scarcity mindset? Your willingness to share is blessing the lives of many. Thanks again!

    • Tera

      Hi Drue,
      As in my previous comment, I have seen results when working with loved ones, even when they don ‘t know it. They become more open and receptive, but of course, on their own time table.

      The important part is not to participate in their story or enable it.

      You can say, “I love you. But this is just the story you tell yourself. It is not true. “


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