I’m lying on a tightly woven blue & yellow Mexican cloth stretched out over fine volcanic sand.

I listen to the soothing hush of the ocean waves.

Since global martial law, I am grateful for the hours I have sat on my rooftop, gazing at the intricate lace of starlight across night sky.

My arms hug my knees,
I am alive!

We are here together!

We chose as souls to be here during this time!

As I commune with my guides.
I go within.
Because all our answers are inside.

Sometimes, I feel so elated with childlike joy.
Other times, I dive into my shadow.
Melting past my aversion to acknowledge the uglier aspects of myself.
Feeling all the crusted pain & sorrow from my childhood, from my ancestors, from past lives.
I embrace it all until I feel lighter again.

The gift of this lockdown is the sequestered time forces us to look at what we are spending our precious life energy on.

Sometimes I meditate and I am catapulted into the other worlds.
Other times, I dance.
Or I make love.

 We live during the most critical time during human history.

 We have more divine support than ever,

 Frequencies are being showered upon us from above to support our ASCENSION.

 And in contrast, opposing forces seek to keep us slumbering.

To believe that we must follow the rules, look to the government to save us, and hope to return to back to normal.


 Normal is what got us here in the first place.

 When we gave up our sovereignty to trust in western medicine & pharmaceuticals.

 When we allowed big companies to contaminate our food & water supply.

When we have bought into the convenience of plastic to the peril of our oceans & sea creatures.

 I don’t wander deep into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.

 But with doctors being killed who speak against the mainstream or careers destroyed, massive censorship on social media of thought leaders,

It makes one wonder:

 If there was no truth to any of their claims,

Why is there this dark force of silencing?

 Now is the time to practice discernment.

 In each moment

We are either living in love or fear.​

 Is the information we are being given motivated by love or fear?

 What is the end result?

To whom does it serve?

 It is a universal law that

You are a Sovereign Being.

 But most people do not live, breathe, speak, act, think, & manifest with this knowledge.

 And there is a battle going on right now between light & dark,

Between remembering & forgetting,

 And as you choose to awaken to your soul memory

Of how infinitely powerful you are…
as a child of Divinity…

 Light prevails over darkness.

 We shift our frequency to align with the frequency of a heavenly earth. .

 Collectively, we have the power to shift the planet, based on what we are focused on right now.

We co-create this together.

 Who is with me?

 If you are reading thus far,

There is a reason this resonates:

 This is your soul mission to assist in freeing humanity from enslavement.


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