We are dissolving the old constructs of the Matrix to break free from the enslavement of humanity. 💫

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Sacred Plant Medicine

Last Saturday, I huddled on a mat in my new home as the rain pounded on the roof above.

I had invited a few friends to christen a new chapter in my life through a sacred ceremony with plant medicine accompanied by an innovative crystal technology called SIBA that allows one to connect more profoundly to the ancestors & go so much deeper.

The shaman Lydia’s and Pancho’s singing of galactic light language and uncanny sound frequencies soothed my ear & body’s discomfort.

I felt like a patient awake while undergoing surgery, as Pancho yanked out the heavy energy in my solar plexus, in fact, later he told me it was etheric surgery:

Ancestral programs of abuse, trauma, betrayal, and much more were plucked from my human hard drive and replaced with a divine activation of my soul memory.

My ancestors and GAIA rejoiced as this work was not only done for me and my own family,
But also for those in the Philippines as my mom is from these islands.

Days later, I understood we worked on healing the historical imprints of colonial trauma.

In case you didn’t know…

The Philippines suffered from 500 years of colonization from Spain,
Subjugating the people through the guise of religion, destroying a matriarchal society and forbidding indigenous practices that connected the people to the earth.

And another 100 years of US colonialism, which controlled the people through public health policy and education (which is repeating again with this global issue).

What does this have to do with the recent events & riots across the US?
You may ask…

Because whether it’s my family history, or yours, or another’s, we are witnessing a fractal story of western imperialism & patriarchy.

Whether it’s slavery, raping women & children, or the oppression of women & people of color, or it’s so-called white privilege, these are all shards in a broken mirror of distorted masculine rule & and our collective enslavement that is so insidious that we barely recognize how we are being controlled.

I share this because for us to transcend our wounded history, we need alternative approaches to the racism & the riots in the U.S.

Ones that do not perpetuate the trauma…

My heart mourns the death of George Floyd as well as of countless others who have died and goes out to their families and all those who are feeling the weight of this repeating pattern of racial prejudice and hate.

Yet make no mistake…

A horrific nightmare,
One that we create together.

Whether we are victim, martyr, bystander, spiritual bypasser…

We are co-creating this collective “dream.“

I’m passionate about this topic because my scholarly expertise focused on healing from intergenerational trauma.

We cannot heal from colonial & racial trauma through the same way of thinking, practices, and methods that got us here in the first place.

My doctoral journey is what brought me to quantum energy work, connection to my ancestors, indigenous spirituality, plant medicine, and the Affluence Codes & my work with leaders,
Because as each human reclaims their sovereignty and recovers their soul memory,
We create a heaven on earth.

I’m sharing this because

Racism is on the opposite side of the spectrum from where humanity is evolving to live in true Affluence, Freedom, & Sovereignty.

Yet to transcend this racial wounding requires that we feel the emotions, transmute our generational memories into love & light, and consciously choose another vision for ourselves and each other.

Because healing from this wounded history is no different than how individuals heal from childhood imprints, false programs, ancestral patterns, trauma, and the Bondage Codes that keep humanity enslaved.

To co-create a different reality requires that each of us goes within.

It is an INSIDE JOB.

Fighting is not the answer.

Because when we fight,
We feed our energy to the monster of racism.

Racism (and any other ideology or dogma) is like a swinging pendulum that requires energy to give it momentum.

And whether we abhor racism or live in racial hatred, we are giving it energy if we still have an emotional charge about it.

Silence is not the answer.

Because in unhealed silence, we are complicit,
Which means that we are still agreeing to create this nightmare.

Spiritual bypassing or avoidance is not the answer.

Because we can say we are vibing at the frequency of peace & love,
But we are ignoring the distortions in the collective field,
And tacitly consenting to this violence to Mother Earth.

Here are 3 steps to heal and finally transcend this collective wound (it’s what I have practiced in my own life & with my clients):

1. Observe the distortion & ask what is this here to teach me?

What is the gift?

2. Acknowledge & Feel the emotions. Transmute the heavier emotions through yelling, singing, crying, asking your guides for support, energy work, plant medicine, etc.

Please understand that when we have healed from the story, there will no longer be an emotional charge.
This is freedom.

3. Visualize & imagine your dream for this earth. This is how we co-create another reality.

We often forget how powerful we are as creators.
And remember that so much of the Matrix, i.e. slave programs in our human bio computer are designed for us to stay asleep & distracted so that we do not fully realize our divine powers.

We get to choose!

We are transitioning to a golden era with the rise of the Divine Feminine & rekindling our relationship with Mother Earth.

So this is my loving reminder that what we are experiencing now are the growing pains as we leave behind the barbaric ways.

We can get excited!

It usually looks worse before the next massive uplevel!

Are you ready to co-create with me a golden age on our new earth?

I hope this serves.


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