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by | Apr 25, 2019 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

I’m a little nervous to share this…

4 years ago, I was strolling on the beach with my husband on a blazing hot day. I looked down at my body, my swimsuit covered the years & treadmarks of 3 pregnancies. I had resigned myself…. to approaching middle age.

But a desire stirred in me…. 

I saw this attractive blond woman my age, super fit, you know the kind… She rocked her bikini. and I wondered, could I look like that?

I wondered if I could apply the same principles about frequency & manifestation to improving my body health & vitality.

Secretly, I wanted to be in better shape than before I had 3 babies. I wanted my husband to see me as hot as when I first met him while dancing on a stage at Reno’s Men’s Club.

I wanted to feel as confident in my body as in my twenties. I wanted to love myself so deeply that my body’s outer appearance was a manifestation of that desire.

I believe freedom is the ability to create what you desire aligned with your soul.

What if I could shift my frequency around my body too?

The world would say: 

-You are getting middle-aged.
-This is what happens when you have 3 kids.
-A woman’s metabolism slows down as she gets older.

HAD I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE PROGRAMMED BY SOCIETY’S BELIEFS? I worked out, ran half-marathons. I ate healthy. Yet my body had settled on a set point of what was comfortable.

I expressed to my husband my discontent, “I’m looking a little pudgy,” pointing to the cushion on my thighs. He smiled at me reassuringly and said what any wise husband would say, “You look fine, Love.” But his words were like a slap across my face.

It woke me up. 

I did not want to be just fine.I wanted to live an extraordinary life. And that includes my health.

Our bodies are part of the identity & costume that our souls show up in.
And if we can shift our lives, why not our health?

I started to challenge the beliefs that I had: What if I had been simply subscribing to societal programs?

So I began a journey of inquiry. What if I could get in better shape than when I was 30?

It was a seed of an idea… It was a gradual plan.

I implemented small changes to see if my body would shift. I used the same steps that I teach my impact-driven clients to create freedom and abundance in their businesses.

-I committed to love & accept my body as I was.
-I envisioned the body I wanted to live in.
-I released limiting beliefs & blocks through energy work.
-I took aligned actions:

1.-I hired a private trainer and worked out 3X a week. It was fun & gradual.
2.-I surf everyday—because I love it, and there is no agenda…
3.-I began eating vegetarian and vegan slowly over the past 4 years.
4.-I detoxed through coconut water & green juice up to 9 days and each time, It reset my metabolism.

The thing is… I took each step with love. In the spirit of play I asked:

What if… and slowly my body reset. This is not to brag. I am still in progress.

I am sharing because what shifted me was stepping into the frequency and shifting my identity, and my body responded accordingly.

Yes, at 50 years, young…There were no diets. Or going on a crazy workout regime that only lasts several weeks and gaining weight back again.

I took simple steps with curiosity, detachment and play.

Freedom is simply a frequency. It applies to our relationships, to our health, to our businesses, to our money flow.

It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can, as I shared here; be through play…because we are Divine Beings. We are powerful creators.

And when we start to challenge our current belief systems & release the false programs & emotional blocks and take inspired action, we awaken to living the life of freedom we desire.

If you want to experience this process for yourself, join us for:


During this deep process, you’ll:

  • Learn what your “Affluence Frequency” is
  • Release limiting beliefs & emotional blocks that may be keeping you from living in more freedom and affluence
  • Master how to use the Frequency of Freedom to accelerate results
  • Dissolve any energies around needing to struggle or “work hard”
  • Align your energy with your next greatest Vision
  • Learn how to bend time to accelerate your vision
  • Dissolve generational patterns that keep you in the loop of hustle and burnout
  • Smash through the upper limit ceiling most common for people like us
  • Receive crystal clarity on the next steps after this call

It’s a total frequency upgrade, working on the body, mind, and soul.

I hope this serves.

                                                                          Much love,                                                                                           Tera

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