Calling In Your PARTNER Is No Different Than Calling In ABUNDANCE

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Abundance and Affluence

You are worthy and deserving of meeting the LOVE of your life.
You are an infinite being, so much more than enough.
And there are 7.5 billion people on this planet.

I meet many of my single friends: conscious, powerful, doing the work, and yet they still are single.

What they don’t realize it that it is in their energy field.
They hold a vibrational frequency that keeps the ONE at bay.

They share that their #1 desire is meeting their life partner with whom to share their life.

Yet their subconscious beliefs, emotional imprints, and conscious thought patterns repel them from meeting the one they love.

Is this you? Your biggest fear is:

* You will grow old alone.
* You will never meet your soul mate.
* Your next relationship will be as f—ed up as the last.
* You’ll meet him or her, and he or she will want someone younger, if he is a man, or wealthier, if she is a woman.
* All the good ones are all taken up.
* If you explore this relationship, you may waste time from meeting the one.

You may be doing the work & releasing the blocks to Love, but how are you showing up?

You SAY you want to meet the one,
You SAY you are ready,
* But you are shlepping around in sweats.
* You carry around extra pounds that are out of alignment with how you want to BE in the world.
* You resist the latest in dating trends.
* You date unavailable men and women when others can see the signs a mile away.
* You desire a successful partner but still don’t have your sh-t together in how you define success.

Your actions are repelling the very ONE from coming in.

The next question to ask yourself is:
Are you open to receiving?

My genius is reading energy & whether or not you are aligned energetically with your dream,
Most people are not…

Most people are not open to receiving unconditional love. On a subconscious level.

And you can be the most loving person and still be blocked from receiving love…
So that is what they experience, even in a relationship.

You don’t need to change the external world.
Just shift internally.
And you experience different results.

You cannot call in the ONE unless you are on the vibrational match with him or her.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

The key is shifting your vibration.
The way that works for me and our clients is energy work followed by shifting conscious thought patterns and taking inspired action.

This is why many of our clients who come to release abundance blocks
Meet their life partner.
It is no coincidence.

Calling in your partner is no different than calling abundance.
It takes focus, commitment, alignment, and detachment.

Connect to his or her energy field. Commune with his or her Higher Self so you will recognize your love when you meet the one.

Work on your energetic blocks and get into vibrational alignment with whom you desire.

I hope this serves.
And if it triggers you, good. Ask yourself why?

If you are feeling it, share this to your friends that need to hear this message. The world needs more conscious couples because there is a powerful synergy that occurs in union.


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