Celebrating YOU

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

Hi, last week, we had a special celebration in our home.
It’s too profound to describe here—all the shifts and integrations that we walked through over the past year. (more in the video)

But this will sum it up:

We walked through hell to create the heaven on earth we are experiencing NOW.

I wanted to share this video I recorded just before the guests arrived.

Watch this video below. There’s a powerful energy transmission in this video… even as I get choked up to tears…

Yes, we are celebrating…

And what I am really celebrating is YOU.

We are celebrating YOU living the life you dream about.
We are celebrating YOU creating your life and business from a place of ease and flow.
We are celebrating YOU fully awakening in your dream.

It’s doesn’t have to be so hard or take this long.

If you are feeling stuck

Like you are in a loop

And you are committed to living fully in your purpose NOW,

There is a solution.

I am a catalyst, energy healer, and Affluence Coach.

I work with coaches, healers, and creatives

To release the blocks & limiting beliefs

So they multiply their impact and influence in their business.

From a place of joy, ease, and flow.

If you are ready to accelerate,

Hit REPLY and let me know.

Much love,

Tera Maxwell,PhD.
Chief Visionary @Teramaxwell.com
Founder of the Affluence Method


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