Living in Reality

by | Jun 16, 2012 | Abundance and Affluence

Let’s face it. We live in a world where it is easy to check out: tuning into the latest television programming, social media, internet, music, or reading. Many of us spend more money than we earn. Or we live through the lives of our children or latest celebrity.

Why is living in reality essential?

I’ve spent my life trying to check out of reality. Yet our disconnection to reality causes a leak in our personal power. Our personal power is what fuels our lives, our decisions, our healthy interactions with others, and yes, our creative expression. I don’t mean personal power in an ego-driven sense, but the quiet, humble power that honors oneself and others. The Filipino indigenous named this kapwa, an inclusive concept of self that encompasses everyone else and dispels the western illusion of separateness.

Our connection to reality is intimately linked to our sense of being grounded to the earth, as well as feeling connected to our bodies and this life. Our personal vibration, on a spectrum from feeling love and joy to feeling hatred and anger, is enhanced by our connectedness. Think of connectedness as a vessel that contains your energy, so connectedness, including to reality, is essential to stopping leakages.

You can increase (or rather retain) your personal vibration through the power of intention. Read the affirmation below. Most people test weak on one of the following statements because there is a kink in the energy. But after repeating the affirmation, they would muscle-test strong. Experiment with this affirmation before your morning prayer ritual and observe how your day unfolds.

I am connected to reality, to this life, to this earth, and to this moment. I honor who I am and who I am becoming.


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