Debunking Hype on Energy Work- Part 1

by | May 17, 2012 | Abundance and Affluence

Mention in casual conversation, “I do energy work,” and many people shoot me a wary look, as if I mentioned meeting outer space aliens or working for the IRS. But we tune into energy all the time. When a distressed friend calls you on the phone, and you feel knots in your stomach, you are tuning into her energetic signal. When you walk into a sacred space and feel uplifted, or feel your energy zapped from the frenetic hustle of the mall, you are responding to energy.

We work with energy daily. Have you ever had the gut feeling a loved one is telling a lie? You are reading the energy. We pray, dance, sing, tell jokes, laugh, cry, meditate: all these actions shift energy. Your body may require an energetic release, such as from crying or going for a run. By counting our blessings, we may shift upward, closer to the higher vibration of joy or gratitude. Conversely, when we judge another, criticize, speak in anger, we shift our energy downward into lower vibrations, which is why it feels so uncomfortable to engage in these activities. Watching television or being continuously connected to our smartphones can weaken our energy.

An energy worker helps to identify your vibrational resonance (for example, in the Simply Healed Method, through muscle testing and intuition) and release the limiting beliefs and emotions that prevent you from aligning with your original blueprint. Observe the exuberance of a toddler. We once resonated at a similarly high vibration. But life, false programs from meaningful parents, school, peers, the media, etc. crept into our internal software and slowed down our operating systems. Fortunately, it is simple to clear. All it takes is intention and willingness. Stay tuned for my next post on updating our software.


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