Dissolving the invisible glass ceiling to profound freedom & abundance

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Abundance and Affluence

We’ll be addressing what keeps most leaders capped from experiencing true freedom

It’s been ages since AJ & I have shared a FB live together. ❤️

Over the past few years, we have dissolved so many deeper layers of distortion that led us to a discovery we would love to share with you…

We’re going to discuss how to use SACRED PLANT MEDICINE as a multidimensional tool to accelerate your evolution.

By multidimensional, it means accessing your future self and the most soul-aligned timeline of your life, and bringing that “version” into your current reality.

So you quantum shift from your current reality timeline to the timeline of your dream.

And how sacred plant medicine, when used with respect, and with the proper guidance can help you facilitate these quantum jumps.

We’ll dive into Bondage Codes (false programs in the Slave Grid aka container of collective beliefs designed to keep humanity enslaved)

For most of humanity,
Bondage Codes like Working Hard
and Worthiness Code—choosing the harder path to justify one’s success—keep entrepreneurs on a treadmill of success.

We have found in our work with leaders, that most work too many hours…

So much has been garnered through talent, sheer effort, & determination.

That’s all good.

But it’s like driving an 8-cylinder engine, using only 2 cylinders.
It can be exhausting.
And there’s so much more available!

When we understand how to work with what quantum physics calls the unified energy field.
And learn how to access flow state.

Ayahusaca can help to clear the distortions in one’s energy field
To create & lead from the heart,
With the mind & heart unified.

Please note:

Ayahuasca is not for everyone.

But for those who are called,
It can be a Flow Hack

Because you clear the distortions that keep one stuck in this 3D physical reality and the current script of one’s life.

Ayahuasca literally creates new neural pathways in the brain to shift your life.

Join us for this informal Discussion on Ayahusaca as a Multidimensional tool.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Tera & AJ

P.S. We are also running an online event to dive deeper into our signature Alchemy Map for Ayahuasca.


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