Does it feel like you are never enough?

by | Dec 16, 2018 | Success Strategies

Was a false program that fueled my life as a kid.
If I got straight A’s,
If I was “righteous” in the church of my youth,
If I earned awards,
I hoped to gain my dad’s (and God’s) approval. 🙏

As an adult,
NEVER ENOUGH showed up
As perfectionism.
Or if I thought I’d fall short,
I’d self-sabotage my efforts by procrastination.

Even after I healed this pattern
That stems from the shame of feeling flawed…
Layers of Never Enough still resided in my subconscious.
I’d distract myself with drama in my business, health, or family.

Can you relate?
Drop a ⭐️ below.

This emotional block of NOT ENOUGH is so subtle
Because it looks like the problem is outside of yourself,
The “reality” of others’ choices & actions.,
How others are treating you.

Yet because you create your reality,
With your thoughts, feelings, & subconscious beliefs,
The “problem” always lies within.

❤️When you feel worthy and deserving,
When you love yourself,
Even in your imperfections,
You are open to receiving the love & abundance that is your divine inheritance already. ❤️

The challenge is that
“Being enough” is a flawed program perpetuated in the personal development industry.

Yes, it can be a first step in breaking free from shame.
But ultimately, this concept keeps you falling short as NOT ENOUGH in the loop of not enoughness.

Here’s why:

ENOUGHNESS is predicated on LACK.
Without simultaneously invoking LACK
Or what you are MISSING already,

That keeps humanity enslaved by the system. . .

Here’s what I know:

The antithesis of “not enoughness”

And affluence is a byproduct of living a life on purpose,
Consciously birthing our vision into the physical
While remaining unattached,
Letting go of control,
Through surrender & submission of our will to Divine will.

Affluence is the natural state of the earth.
If you want to understand the resonance of affluence,
Observe nature.

⭐️ Every living and non-living thing is designed to glorify our Creator.
Look at the flowers, rocks, water, birds, sea creatures, and animals, to name a few…
Each exists to magnify the full measure of its creation.
Yet we as humans hold back…
iWe are the only beings in the universe
Who resist our own divinity. ⭐️

And it’s beautiful
Because we have a choice…

But the catch is
you have been overburdened
With layers and layers of false programs
From society, technology, school, church, family, & ancestral patterns
That keep you living in the box,
Disconnected from your self, others, and the earth. 🌏

So if it sometimes feels hard to simply choose Affluence
This is why.., .

As an Affluence Coach, my work is activating these codes of affluence that you already carry within you, and assisting you in releasing limiting beliefs & false programs so you are aligned with your truth and your vision.

Because as a Divine Being,
As you awaken to your power as a Sovereign Being,
As you learn to master Conscious Reality Creation,
As living in the realm of infinite possibilities becomes your new normal,
We will collectively shift this planet.

We will overthrow (through our frequency)
The regimes of domination
That have kept humanity subjugated for thousands of years.

This is my work and my mission:
To share this message of affluence.

Will you join me?
Share below.

It’s why transmuting this pattern and other mindviruses
Is the most important work & investment
Of your time & resources…
It impacts everything in your life & business.
And it’s why I spent 16 days in Peru
At the Release into Abundance Retreat.

Because as I heal the next layers of lack programs within me,
I am empowered to serve as a catalyst for my clients to do the same.

I believe it is our responsibility to awaken to the Affluence within.

P.S. If this resonates, please share with your friends & family.

Through remembering, we dissolve the programs of scarcity.

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