Feeling Disconnected [I Am Embarrassed To Share This]

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Success Strategies

The mind looks for what is wrong, what could be improved, and pulls at that snag until peace is like a seam unraveled in the fabric of the heart. 💜

This is true for me… Off & on, I was slightly unhappy. A background hum of discontent.

I looked at my relationship, compared it to how I used to be treated in love by my guy, until I felt downright bad…And then, I judged myself for the discontent.

Even though I have so much richness in my life

Living my divine purpose.

Writing a book. 

Working with clients I adore. 

Husband rocking it in his business. 

Kids thriving. 

Serving in our community. 

Surfing everyday. 

We are living our dream in Costa Rica. 

Yada yada yada…

And noticing my ingratitude would make me feel even worse.

I am sharing this little mind f-ck because chances are… you might be doing this too, thinking thoughts that rob you of your peace!

Here’s how I shifted this mind malaise and got back to center:

1. Name & observe the emotion. 

Notice where it registers in the body.

2. Observe & trace the sequence of thoughts that created the emotion.

3. Ask: is it true?  Find another(positive) possibility that contradicts the negative thought pattern. [Marty Sefkoe]

4. Accept & embrace the lower vibrational emotion & transmute it by sending it up to the Divine.

Acknowledge that as a light being, you are a filter, taking on this emotion not just for you, but for all of humanity. [Matt Kahn]

5. Breathe in this now moment, playing & pausing in the gap between thoughts. Rest here. Can you accept and surrender to what is? And feel peace in the now? [Eckart Tolle]

As I have practiced this, I have opened up to greater inner peace, more joy & gratitude than I have ever experienced while feeling unattached.

As you free yourself from the mind, and the disease of overthinking, this reset is accessible to you too, Right NOW.

Because inner peace is the currency of true affluence.

Your frequency rises. 

You stop leaking energy. 

You are available to the flow, to synchronicities, to manifestation.

What I am sharing is a key to living your dream…

I hope this serves.

P.S. Please share if you feel this would serve your friends. or loved ones


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