Generational Memories & Freedom

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Freedom

I found this photo of my mom as a teen while visiting her & my grandma in Utah this past week.

I see the resemblance between my mom & my teenage daughter. Thoughts? 😌

We often attribute our physical traits to a grandparent or parent.

Such as…

You have your grandma’s eyes or your dad’s height. Or great-grandma’s curly hair.

Yet we also inherit our family characteristics

Such as stubbornness, a need to be right, poor spending habits, feeling not enough

Or on the positive side, 

Discipline with time
A strong work ethic
A compassionate heart
Creative gifts

I used to assume that these habits were simply passed on due to being raised in a family. Yet studies have shown that adopted children raised apart from the biological parents are still found with traits of their birth parents.

These energetic imprints from our ancestors course through our DNA.

My intellectual curiosity about the impact of our ancestral history on later generations morphed into studying how colonial trauma affected children of Filipino immigrants in my doctoral work.

[My mom was born in the Philippines]

I call these inherited traits generational memories… We cannot escape them. Yet we are not defined by them. We can heal and transmute these ancestral patterns.

In fact, I believe we chose our parents and family lines

For the gifts and even wounds that we desired to walk through and transcend. ❤️
We selected our life curriculum before we even entered our human bodies. I have worked with clients who have healed sexual trauma, decades of depression, poverty consciousness, etc. To transform into their powerful, confident selves…To be free from the stories of the past even ancestral patterns and the history of one’s ethnic group to take those wounded histories from your childhood and find the gratitude and gift.

That is awe-inspiring.

I believe we live in an age of accelerated growth & healing. We have entered the age of Awakening.

You can absolutely heal from your past.
Not only that,
Be better off for ALL the experiences you have had in your life.
If you agree,

Let me hear you…
And please share this if you are feeling called.
⭐️We are here to rise together.

We are calling every soul to join us.

This is how we create a critical mass To shift our planet. ⭐️

P.S. Stay tuned for my eBook on the Conscious Reality Creation Method™. I am giving it away this week.



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