How a Broken-Hearted New Yorker Found the Path to Her Dream Life (and How You Can Too)

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Transcending the Upper Limit

Have you ever met someone who really seemed to “have her life together?” Someone who seems to have a sense of calmness about her, because she knows that no matter what happens, everything is going to work out?

That person is not me. At least, it wasn’t.

You see, I’m not the kind of person who sits in a cave in Nepal contemplating the deep mysteries of life. I’m not some “guru” who has spent life effortlessly creating abundance and joy.

No. I’m a New Yorker.

We’re practical. Fast-moving. And we don’t have time for nonsense.

And because we’re so busy and important, we often don’t even notice the things around us that could change our perspectives.

A Chance Meeting on the Way to Goodwill Forced Me to Open My Eyes…

It was a chilly Saturday morning in April 2014. I’d awakened with a seemingly urgent need to clear out my living space (a task that was long overdue). So I scooped up what felt like 50 pounds of blazers I had bought for “sure-fire” job interviews over the years, and started the trek to the local Goodwill.

And then I spotted Brandon Stanton. He’s the guy behind the “Humans of New York” Facebook page. If you haven’t seen it, you should – Brandon’s questions provide a rare glimpse into the souls of New York’s inhabitants.

I had only planned to tell him how much I loved his work. What I hadn’t planned on was answering one of the most soul-wrenching questions I’d ever been asked:

“What is your greatest struggle?”

Seriously? That question?

Most people would have needed some time – maybe a lot of time – to come up with an answer for that one. But I knew right away.

I knew because it was a question I’d been avoiding for most of my adult life. And it was one that, thanks to my staunch German upbringing, I’d never explored with anyone. But right there, knowing that my words would reach millions of people almost instantly, I blurted the answer:

“My mom died in front of me when I was seven. She killed herself over a man. I was alone in the house with her. I ran to get help.”

There it was. The struggle that I couldn’t even talk about with my closest family members, out there for the entire Internet to see. I almost couldn’t believe that I’d let those words come out of my mouth.

I Was Meant Share My Struggle That Day… But Not for the Reasons I Thought.

After I answered, I just stood there… embarrassed and a bit horrified that I had just bared my soul to all of humanity. But it was out there, and I couldn’t take it back.

As Brandon and I said our goodbyes, I thought that I was meant to finally get that painful memory off my chest. And, to an extent, that was true.

But the Universe had a deeper purpose. The day my picture and story were published on Humans of New York, I started seeing comments from people who needed to hear what I had endured. And many of them even contacted me directly to tell me how my struggle had inspired them.

I heard from people who were contemplating suicide… but who, after reading my story, decided to give life another chance.

I heard from people who had lived through similar horrors, who finally realized that it was time to start healing.

I even heard from a 12-year-old who saw through my words how much he had taken his own mother for granted.

I was blown away. All along, I thought that I had to keep my grief hidden… but now it was creating healing for people all around the globe!

The Universe Pushed Me Forward, Because I Was Meant to Have a Life of Meaning.

The universe could have been done with me at that point. After all, people had been healed, right?

But I still had much healing of my own to do. And that’s why, a week later, I found myself sitting next to Tera Maxwell on a train to D.C.

She told me she was a “prosperity coach.” And from the instant I started my first conversation with her on that train, I knew that I was going to learn much more. I knew that the universe had sent her to me so I could start not only healing my pain, but removing the obstacles that stood in the way of the life I deserved.

It’s funny how once the universe figures out you’re ready for big changes, the opportunities come fast and furious. And meeting Tera turned out to be one of the best opportunities I’d ever been presented with.

“A-Life” Was the Catalyst for Positive Change

stefanie-e1456250626920I’d love to tell you that the minute I started working with Tera through her transformative “A-Life” program, I started getting everything I ever wanted. But that’s not how it happened.

There simply isn’t any way to eliminate struggles overnight. The universe has lessons for us to learn and if we want happier, more abundant lives, we’re going to have to learn them one way or another.

But in a little over a year, A-Life gave me the strength and courage to make an incredible transformation. And yes, that includes financial transformation. I went from being forced to apply for food stamps and wondering how I was going to pay my rent when my unemployment ran out… to attracting money in ways I never could have even imagined.

I have learned how to receive.

I have learned how to trust.

I have learned that there is always enough.

Through the A-Life program, along with Tera’s guidance, I have been given a life that is worth stopping and savoring (not something you hear from a New Yorker every day).

Maybe you’re like me – you’re just “going through the motions,” but not really living life.

There might be some incredible pain in your past (like there was in mine) that’s keeping you stuck in negative patterns that leave you financially, emotionally, and spiritually unfulfilled.

Perhaps you’ve had beliefs drilled into your head from birth – beliefs that are keeping you from the rich, vibrant life you truly deserve – and because you’re so used to hearing them in your mind, you don’t even know those beliefs are there.

A-Life is designed to help you break through all of that… and much more.

One day, you’re going to look at your life and think to yourself, “I deserve better.”

Shouldn’t that day be today?

I’m glad I didn’t waste another day choosing to be limited by my beliefs and my emotional pain.

You don’t have to waste another day either.  Tera’s A-life program can help you tear down obstacles and allow you to finally claim the abundant life that is your birthright.

You’ll never know unless you take the time to find out. And the first step is as simple as clicking on the button below:

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