How to Get Unstuck: 3 Simple Tips

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Success Strategies

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Despite your best efforts, do you still face the same challenge? Are you ready to move from feeling stuck to unstuck?

Getting unstuck can be easy. It requires a simple shift, if you follow these tips to free up your energy:

1) Write and reflect in your journal:

How are your beliefs about your current challenge keeping you stuck?
In my community, I speak to numerous business owners who feel overwhelmed with the pressures of family and financial obligations.  For many, the economic downturn has left them feeling hopeless about attracting more clients and generating an abundant income. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation can be self-defeating, as we continue to create more situations that reflect our beliefs. Entertaining negative thoughts about struggle–however true the reality may be–is a cancer to your business, and excising those thoughts need be a top priority for entrepreneurs who want to create prosperity.

Recently, I worked with a client named Connie (named changed for anonymity) who was gifted in her business, but she was not seeing the results she wanted. As soon as she released generational blocks around money, she saw a dramatic shift in her sales. After our session, she observed, attracting money and opportunities seemed effortless. She was living in the flow, rather than trying to fix everything on her own.

2) For every negative belief about your life that is keeping you stuck, counter your negative thought pattern with an affirmation.
Write down this affirmation everywhere. Whenever you catch yourself in the negative spiral, reframe your limiting belief with an empowering affirmation. Do you believe: It is hard to attract new clients? Do you believe: If it is not one thing, it is another?  Rewire your programming to create a new thought pattern: It is effortless to attract my ideal clients. I am so grateful to be booked solid while helping my ideal clients.

3) Ask yourself: what is the one action that I could take now that would yield the greatest shift in my life or my business?
Okay. It’s time to be accountable. What do you need to do? What is stopping you from taking action? If you still feel unwilling to take that life-defining step, pray for the willingness. Don’t judge yourself. Just continue to observe your unwillingness to take action. Eventually, your unwillingness will give way, or you will be presented with more life lessons to flag your attention.

Living in the Flow

And remember, seek help from others. We are not here on earth to do this alone. That belief can be paralyzing. We need a support system to help us.

I know intimately the feeling of being stuck in my life. I also relish the humble triumph of moving forward. I am passionate about empowering you with the tools to get unstuck. If journalling and writing affirmations is not sufficient, stay tuned. I am creating a video course to teach you the tools to align your energy with success.

You can register below to be the first to receive this training, which for a limited time, I will be offering as a gift. Just to say thanks for signing up, I’ll send you a free mp3 download of my Pure Energy group session. Listen to it and start clearing your money blocks right away.


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