How To Shift Out Of Struggle

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Surfing the Flow

What in your life is causing you angst? What is the main are dealing with?

Struggle is the birth canal of opportunity.
And as soon as you can see the GIFT, you can shift.

Read on, if you would like to know how.

A tragic bicycle accident changed my life.

My brother Jared Allen died in Puerto Rico. His tire popped, while descending down a hill. He lost control of his bike and plummeted into a telephone pole. The fall severed his spinal column.  He was a Navy helicopter pilot, and he had been training for the Ironman in Hawaii.
Jared’s death devastated me. He was 30 years old. I wandered around in shock for weeks. I couldn’t eat or sleep. Jared was one of my closest friends. He had a generous heart and loved to tease. We could talk about anything.
To commemorate his death, I enlisted my whole family to train for a Sprint/ Olympic triathlon in Echo Lake, Utah. Friends and family wore t-shirts in his honor.
And I became pregnant shortly afterward.
The baby in my womb reminded me of God’s love. And my daughter’s birth was scheduled on my brother’s birthday—a sweet miracle for my family. Everyone said that it was unlikely she would be born on the actual due date.
They were wrong.
Looking back on this time of my life, I see the gifts in how we were able to grow as a family. My faith in God was tested.

I learned about the power of forgiveness. And I embarked on becoming a mother.

My brother’s passing facilitated these gifts, though I may not have seen them as gifts at the time.


seeing the gifts in your struggle is a universal principle.

When you can step outside your current challenge, and consider the gift in your situation, you are implementing the Law of Polarity.

You can quickly shift from the struggle to the opportunity.

The challenge is that many of you are more invested in the story of struggle.

Will you consider what is would be like to release that old story?

What will it cost you to keep your story? What will it cost you to release it?
Where ever you are in your journey, I honor your process.

But know that as soon as you are willing to change how you THINK about your current situation, you will shift.