How to surf the frequency of freedom? [Entrepreneurs, Read This]

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Freedom, Quantum Creation and Manifesting

I was surfing this morning , and this insight came to me as clear as the glassy blue ocean today to share with you. 🏄🏽‍♀️

When your paddle stroke matches the frequency of the wave, and you are positioned properly, you catch the wave. 🌊

It’s that simple.

Manifesting the next layer of freedom in your business operates on the same principle.

💫When you match the frequency of your desire,
It materializes into the physical. 💫

As my hand fanned the water to accelerate,
I was reminded of this truth:

The Key to Manifesting Freedom is Embodiment.

Most personal development teachings & energy work focuses on the mental or energetic body.

Embodiment is a word thrown around a lot in the Transformational space that its meaning has become diluted.

I am referring to embodiment as knowledge that translates to one’s identity and way of being that is anchored in every your cell of your body.

When you understand how to lock in the frequency of your desire in your body,
You shift your reality.
You step onto a new timeline.

You can say affirmations. meditate, practice yoga, think positive,
But until you embody the frequency of your desire…
Your dream remains elusive.

I’m going to dive deep on this topic of Embodying Frequency for Accelerated Manifesting.

You are all invited, and this is geared for entrepreneurs.
Why ?

Because I believe that entrepreneurs, the game changers, the outside-the-box thinkers are the leaders, who are going to shift the planet.

I want to share with you this video “Surfing the Frequency of Freedom”

I’ll be on sharing the same tools I share with my clients on locking in frequency for accelerated Manifesting for greater impact & abundance.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

❤️ Tera

P.S. If you have any questions, please post below. Let’s get this conversation started.




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