How to Tap into Your Fire

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Freedom

IMG_5748-1024x768I’ve been hunkering down the past few weeks to host a retreat for my VIP clients in Costa Rica. We had dinner at
my home, went surfing & ziplining, and watched a few magical sunsets together at the beach.

We concluded with a miraculous ceremony to represent fueling our vision with fire. If you have a challenge with finishing what you start, read to the end.
A year ago, I set the intention to have a retreat in Costa Rica. And I manifested this dream!

IMG_5786-1024x768The retreat was magical. I wish you could have been there. I was in awe of the powerful space we held for each other to shift more deeply into our truth. Each of my clients released their biggest block to upleveling in their life.

And I felt called to reveal my methodology for the first time: the A-Life Method™. (Stay tuned for a certification program in 2017).

IMG_5706-500x500Melinda remarked after learning the A-Life Method:
“I really walked away with how concrete it is, to live the l
ife of my dreams.” Holding the retreat in the dream home that my husband and I manifested, and feeling the charged energy here, made the word flesh, if that makes sense.

We ended the retreat with a lantern ceremony on the beach.

The theme was fueling your vision with fire. You can have a dream. You may want more money in your life, or to live abroad, or to marry the love of your life. But unless you have fire, that vision evaporates before you can ever manifest it into reality. Doubt creeps in. Life gets in the way. And here’s why I’m sharing this.

If you have a problem finishing what you started, you are not connected deeply to your why. Another story is running your operating system. It’s on automatic. It’s the story you are telling yourself about “the problem.”

Here’s what I know:

IMG_5785-1024x768You have that fire within. But it takes you being willing to let go of your old story and connecting to a new story.
Which story has a deeper hold on you?
Why it is too hard to run a business with a family that demands your time?
Why every business venture you have ever tried never has worked?
Why you just can’t make enough money to make ends meet?

IMG_5671-1024x768Or why you absolutely must realize your vision? Why you hunger so deeply to make this dream TRUE that you eat, sleep, and breathe this dream?

That is the power of connecting to your why.

I will send you a quick video of an energy process to connect deeply to your why in the next email.

Meanwhile: watch the video of the lantern and imagine what it would feel like to REALLY birth your dream into a reality this year.


Can you feel it?

I hope so!

Have an amazing weekend! You deserve it.

Much love,




  1. Michelle Daubert

    I’m extremely intrigued on how I can tap more into my internal flame and let go of old stories that no longer serve me. I’ve been feeling more aligned and ready to live my soul purpose this year. What I realize I will need is support. I don’t know how I came across you, but I’m very excited to know more!

    With gratitude,


    • Tera Maxwell

      Hi Michelle, you sound like you are in the perfect spot to pop! If you feel it would help, book a time to chat. Let’s see what you have cooking for this year and lay out a plan to get there.

      Much love,


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