How we shift to true freedom

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Freedom

When I was a child, hurricane Frederick raged across the entire Gulf Coast.

Tearing roofs off houses,
Popping off windows,
Dribbling street signs & billboards down the street
With the force of 145 Miles per hour winds.

Every hurricane is a vortex, which means it has a center, called the eye..

As the eye of the storm passed over our neighborhood,, I walked outside to view sunny and bright blue skies.

Birds were chirping.
The wind barely breathed.
It was uncanny to experience this sublime stillness in the Eye of the hurricane when the storm was raging on.

The hurricane reminds me of these tumultuous times we are living in.

💫We can choose to live in the vortex of this chaos, to be carried away by the winds of whatever is happening.

💫Or we can choose to be centered in the Eye of this collective storm.

Whether the turbulence stems from Relationship conflict,
Financial challenges,
Career changes,
Collective fear.
Emotional distress.
Anxiety from living in the unknown.
Anger at those who are still trying to enforce the old ways.
Or frustration at others who are still entrenched in the system.

We are being given the greatest gift to sharpen our ability to experience freedom, regardless of what is happening in the external world.


Freedom is harnessing our innate power to navigate the flow of events, people, & things and RETURN TO CENTER.

Our ability to experience true freedom
Hinges on our ability to BE in the Eye of whatever turmoil is showing up in our life.

And to transmute our shadows to light, as they surface to our awareness.

I am passionate about this topic
because internal freedom is foundational to us creating a New Earth.

Together, we are transmuting the layers of what no longer serves, so any distortion we may see individually or collectively right now is a TREASURE.

And I am confident we are creating this global shift now,

Because I have witnessed this freedom in my clients as they moved from 3D ways of creating results based on DOING
And shifted to truly embodying the frequencies of abundance and freedom based on BEING.
It’s so beyond creating a 7 figure business or generating X amount of money flow last month, though that is a byproduct of soul alignment..,

Because these leaders focus on their frequency first.
They scale their companies with increased joy.
They manifest their soul vision.
Most importantly, what they birth into the physical reality is sustainable affluence…

Because when our actions are driven by our heart connection to our Divine self, connection to each other, & connection to the earth—we make wise choices! And everyone wins!

When we can maintain or quickly return to center,
And remain steadfast in our intention,
We become masters of conscious reality creation.
This is how we lock in and manifest the highest available timeline for ourselves and for the world.

Who is joining me in this global shift?
Let’s start a conversation…

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,


P.S. We need more reminders to stay in the freedom frequency. If this resonates. please share with your friends. ❤️🙏


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