I am abundance now

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Abundance and Affluence

Speak this out loud:

“I am Abundance now.
I am Freedom now.
I am Sovereign now. “

These are a few light-encoded words from the Affluence Codes, which has been entrusted to me to share with the world.

Because as we activate these dormant codes in our DNA,
We recall our soul memory of our Divine nature.
We return to the truth of who we are.

I work with leaders and show them how to stabilize & ground these frequencies in their bodies
Until it is who they become.

Because as they let go of the high-achieving, focused-on-results, striving & pushing from the 3D paradigm of doing business,
And learn to create from their hearts,

Because as they let go of limiting beliefs that prevent them from accessing the highest levels of freedom & abundance,
And align with the frequency of their soul vision,

Because as they transcend the fears and worries about what others will think or wanting to be liked or the fears of leaving loved ones behind
And stand courageously in the truth of their Divinity.

Because as they shift their frequencies to align with their souls,
Their lives shift into what seemed only a distant dream in the past.

They scale their business with ease & flow,
Fully supported with a Divinely aligned team,
They call in the relationships & love that supports them in their vision,
They increase their impact & money flow,
While feeling more joy and inner peace.

This is my joy work…. to guide leaders to fully come online as Conscious Creators.
So that we can share these frequencies with others.
And co-create a heaven on earth.
Because it starts internally…

I do not teach you what you do not know already.

I am a catalyst, vibrational tuning fork, and advocate for your Higher Self.
Until you embody your soul frequency.

Last year, I only accepted a few clients in this private coaching container.

As I went deeply within to prepare my body to hold these frequencies.

I endured many months of staying in bed to integrate the next layers of these Affluence Codes & receive more upgrades.
I let go of what no longer serves,
And I left my marriage to commit more fully to my Divine purpose.

And now it is time.

I am opening up again the EXPONENTIAL private coaching container for 3 more clients.

If you are a light leader who is here for greater impact and service to humanity,
And you want to collapse time and create in the next year what could take years on a linear timeline,

If you are resonating with my words.
PM me and we’ll chat…
We will explore if working together is a good fit and lay out the journey for you.

💫 Evolve and Be Free 💫

Much love,


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