I haven’t forgotten you

by | Apr 17, 2021 | Awakening

Hi, ​ it’s been ages since I’ve heard from you. I wanted to let you know… I haven’t forgotten you.

I have been going deep within, returning to the wholeness and perfection of who we are as Divine Beings. It is messy sometimes as we are shifting to a higher version of ourselves and letting go and transmuting what no longer serves. There have been so many gifts. I am excited to share with you!

This is the process of awakening, remembering our soul’s truth.

The degree to which we are awakening corresponds to the degree of the peace that we feel and the love that we hold for ourselves and others.

We can say “We are awake” …

Yet how much love do we feel in our hearts? For ourselves? For others? How are we showing up when we are not on a yoga mat or in meditation?

This is the real work.

Do we feel neutrality for others’ choices, individual or collective, when these decisions are not aligned with our own view of the world? Are we free of judgment? Which is a Bondage Code that keeps us anchored in the 3D Matrix.

Awakening is the journey from our heads into our hearts.

Which means we make decisions from our heart, not our minds.

When we align our will with Divine will.

We allow our authentic eternal self to lead our human vehicle.

And the mind/ ego takes directions from the heart.

I wanted to ask you…

How can I best serve you? And support you on your journey?

I felt called to open up my calendar to chat with you.

I’m curious…

What is on your heart?

What is your biggest dream you’d like support with?

What is the biggest obstacle standing between you and realizing your #1 goal?

The focus of this free session is to tune into the highest available timeline for your life.


Your current timeline is where you are now… the life you are living.

The highest available timeline is the timeline of your #1 soul-aligned vision.

We’ll explore your highest available timeline, and I’ll give you laser coaching on how to anchor in and stabilize that timeline… until your vision materializes into physical reality.

My gift is to act as a catalyst and portal to help you hold the frequency of your soul vision and step onto the highest timeline.

If you are a gamechanger, leader, or entrepreneur, and you feel you’d like a timeline shift, click here to book a time to hop on a call with me this week.

Please note: this is my gift to you as a member of my audience. I have nothing to sell.

[If I feel inspired by your vision and contribution to the world and we feel soul-aligned, and I feel strongly it is in your best interest to go deeper with me, I’ll advise you to set up another call to discuss it feels aligned for you. ]

The purpose of these calls is to support you for your next timeline shift or stabilizing the timeline you are on.

>💫​ Evolve & Be Free 💫<

Much love,


P.S. If you don’t have the time to hop on a call or you don’t identify as a game changer, leader, or entrepreneur, please hit reply and share with me your heart…  I’d love to hear from you. I’ll try to respond to as many of you as I can personally. 


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