If you’re feeling busy and burnt out achieving your goals, Read This.

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Freedom

You are an incredible and courageous human being.
You have done what most don’t do and took action toward your dreams.

For that, I commend you!

Yet most ambitious entrepreneurs fall into the mistake of believing they do not have enough time.

What if I were to tell you lack of time is simply a mindset?

When you believe that you are truly supported,

-You are able to let go of control,
-You live in possibilities,
-You create an abundance of time.

BUSY ENERGY stems from a fear of intimacy,
Instead of being present to this moment.
We distract ourselves with obligations.
We say yes to what is good, instead of making living our dream NOW a non-negotiable.

The Challenge is that over commitment is motivated by a need to please others instead of choosing yourself.
Like seeking validation from another certification or program instead of accessing your power as a Divine Creator.

When you are so over scheduled you barely have time to meditate or play.
How can you listen & be led by your Higher Self?

Everything you really desire that is aligned with your Soul Purpose
Requires stillness,
Requires flow,
Requires play & laughter,
Requires listening to your intuition.
It requires carving out the time to just BE.

When we slough off the garments of the ego self,
When we let go off all the stories we identify as who we are,
We become aligned
With our truth.
The Energy of Being.

In this frequency of freedom
We manifest our dreams effortlessly.
We call in our soulmate clients.
We attract the friends & soul mate who is a vibrational match.
We heal our relationships.

That is why clearing our emotional blocks
And limiting beliefs
Is central to Manifesting at an accelerated rate.

What I observe with my clients
As they shift internally, &
Learn how to trust & surrender on a deeper level is:
They open up to growing more revenue,
Attract love into their life,
Transform their marriages,
Feel more peace & calm on a daily basis.

It is not rocket science or magic.
It is the power of getting aligned energetically with your dream.

The solution to Not enough time
is tuning into the FREQUENCY of freedom.

I’m sharing all this because recently, I led a powerful Activation & training
For my clients To lock-in deeply the frequency of freedom.

It was amazing!

The culmination of all the years of energy work and working with thousands of clients,
The Downloads from Peru and plant medicine journeys, and meditation,
#The many uplevels…
Allowed me to Embody knowledge from many humbling lessons over the years.

And the thing is…
I have been playing small.

The intuitive nudge came…
It is time…
To share with the world…

So Here it is:


Just like what you’d experience if you joined one of my online programs or retreats.

During this deep process, you’ll:

  • Learn what your “Affluence Frequency” is
  • Release limiting beliefs & emotional blocks that may be keeping you from living in more freedom and affluence
  • Master how to use the Frequency of Freedom to accelerate results
  • Dissolve any energies around needing to struggle or “work hard”
  • Align your energy with your next greatest Vision
  • Learn how to bend time to accelerate your vision
  • Dissolve generational patterns that keep you in the loop of hustle and burnout
  • Smash through the upper limit ceiling most common for people like us
  • Receive crystal clarity on the next steps after this call

It’s a total frequency upgrade, working on the body, mind, and soul.

This process is for those ready to harness the power of the Universe and become the conscious creators you were born to be.

Click below to UPGRADE your FREEDOM FREQUENCY with us.




I hope this serves!

Remember, living a life of freedom starts now.

P.S, if you are feeling it, please share with your friends. The more who join, the more powerful this Vibrational vortex becomes.


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