Is Divine Alignment A Fallacy?

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

There is a mind virus brewing among spiritual folk about Divine Alignment.

It goes like this:
If it is Divinely Aligned,
It will happen…
Yet this thinking can be a form of spiritual bypassing,
Shirking personal responsibility.

We are Divine Beings.
We create our reality.

To manifest a desire,
You decide & commit to your vision.

Flow principles teach that we simply follow our heart,
Filling our lives with what lights us up.
This advice is true,
Yet it falls flat when we simply pursue selfish interests with little regard for the Collective WE.

In tandem, we consider:
What is the highest good for all?
Is my will aligned with Divine will?

Jesus, when he spoke of his relationship to the Divine, taught this spiritual principle when he said, “The Father and I are one”.

In the West, the concept of the individual self (“I”) is separate from others. Personal development is focused on how the individual realizes purpose & fulfillment in the world.

Yet indigenous spirituality elevates our understanding of self-actualization.

For example, the Filipino word for SELF is KAPWA.
Meaning “the self” in relation to “the other. “

In other words, you cannot conceive of “the self” without “the other.”
The meaning captures connectedness, whereas the western ego-mind thinks in terms of separation.

I used to resist teachings of self-sacrifice because serving others at one’s own expense is simply manipulation.
It stems from feelings of “not enough”.
And often births resentment when you are not receiving in return.

On the other hand, manifesting one’s desire with little regard for how it impacts others and the environment is also manipulation.

It would be more empowering to ask:

Am I acting from a place of self-love when I am choosing to serve others?

How can I decide & commit to my vision AND Surrender to Divine Flow?

When you are presented with an opportunity because of synchronicity,
Do you fully nurture and birth this potential gift?

Do you keep your commitments?

Or do you fly from one thing to another?
Changing like the wind,
Before you fully actualize the miracle before you?

I heard a stirring debate the other night about commitment and sacrifice.
Sacrifice, it was pointed out, comes from the word “Sacred”.
Are your actions syncing up with what you hold sacred?

I share this
To recuperate Divine Alignment from sloppy usage.

In order for us to be Divinely Aligned,
Grounded in this 3D physical reality,
I believe it is important to widen our concept of alignment,
Including our connection to others, the earth, humanity, and God.

This sweet spot of Divine Alignment is the springboard of true affluence.

What are your thoughts?
Let’s start a conversation…

I hope this serves.

                                                                                  ❤️ Tera

P.S. Remember, you can live your dream now.


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