Jaguars, Quantum Leaps, and YOU!

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

Remember the jaguar that visited our pool the other night? It was not a jaguar!

Last night, driving home from dinner, a black panther bounded in front of our car and sprung up the hill into the jungle.

It happened lightening fast. I could only see the back of the large feline as she charged through the trees.

I stirred with excitement at seeing the panther, la pantera, since it is my animal totem.

La Pantera represents fierce energy, focus, and commitment.

What would it feel like to EMBODY that kind of commitment and leaping into your vision?

I ask, because as you connect to this energy, it is the exact resonance that will manifest your dream into physical reality.

This same vibrational resonance I witness in my clients in A-Life Academy–A-Life, which stands for Affluent Life.

*Julie S. saw her business triple in revenue from 50K to 150K over the past couple years as she applied one quantum leap after another in her business.

*Allen Atkinson overcame procrastination and launched his business as a healer, photographer, and speaker. And in the process, he healed 30 years of resentment in his marriage and fell in love again with his wife.

*Alex Rodriguez, who within the first 8 weeks of joining A-Life, enrolled 3 clients and increased his revenue by $5000 a month.

Those are the concrete results that our ego mind wants to see as evidence.

What I see as an empath, is even more awe-inspiring… powerful clients who raise their vibration, permanently clear out old blockages and old stories and resonate so clearly with their vision. Who increase their confidence. Who let go of the fears of being seen and being visible. Who heal their story around money. Who clear up the clutter in their minds and structure their life for success. Who open up to receiving love. And who send out a ripple effect of more light to those around them of what is possible when we live 100% on purpose.

Men and women who attune to the vibrational frequency of FREEDOM.

That is what this world needs.

I’m sharing this because in the flux of all the emotional turmoil in the US, I knew it was time to close the doors to A-LIfe Academy.

We have a select group of powerful changemakers in our mastermind.

If you are reading this far… You are either so confident about your path and getting the results you desire, or you are procrastinating your dream, or you have decided that today is the day to take a quantum leap.

If you are the latter, this message is for you:

You no longer want to choose the hard way. You do not need more evidence, more struggle, and more drama to choose a spiritual solution to creating abundance.

You are ready to invoke the Law of Surrender and surrender your will to Divine Will.

You are ready to choose a life of more ease and flow.

You are ready to create effortless affluence and harness the Laws of Affluence in your favor.

Like the panther, you are 100% committed to your vision. You commit to making your dream a reality in 2017.

You are a contributor. You seek to create affluence for the impact it can make in the world.

If this is YOU, and you have been resonating with my message. . .

A-Life Academy Mastermind is closing in 1 week.

There are only 9 spots available. We are reviewing applications now.

Click here if you wish to join the Mastermind and quantum leap in 2017.

You have the power to consciously create your own reality. A-Life Academy is a year-long course to REMEMBER your divine power and release limiting beliefs and old programming and acquire new habits.

Go here only if you are ready to step into a higher level of manifesting affluence.


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