Leaders, you were perfectly prepared for this time

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Awakening

We live during one of the greatest moments in human history.
More and more humans are recalling their soul memory of who we are as Divine beings.

 As you step fully into the truth of who you are,
We harness our power to change the world & co-create another reality.

We are becoming free!

It may not seem like it at the moment
because many distortions are rising to the surface of collective

consciousness so that we may heal & transmute what has kept humanity enslaved.

If you have always felt a heart-yearning for greater contribution & impact on this planet,

then your soul blueprint was wired with this divine program
To support you in carrying out your mission in this lifetime.

Many light beings, including you, were sent here for a critical earth assignment.
You raised your hand and accepted the responsibility of this task.
Even as we all agreed to this veil of forgetting.

Every experience, heart break, wounded story, and lesson has brought you to this point.

You are awakening!

 Which means we are all being asked to observe & rise above the human drama & distractions.

 Because there is nothing more to fix, to heal, or to uplevel before you are ready.

The only thing that stops us from our greatness are the ego patterns that keep us in a loop.

 Remember, this is not who you are.
These are simply programs running your human operating system.
Yet most humans identify with the software of the ego.
Because it feels so familiar.
Think of it as malware & viruses from the egoic past, societal imprints, or from our ancestral lineage,
Which you signed up for to be the ONE to dissolve for yourself, your family, your ancestors, and the collective.

Now is not the time for us to be detoured with guilt or feeling not enough.
These are simply mind programs from the Matrix to keep us asleep.

The key is to observe any distortion
With no judgement,
To love yourself in the distortion,
To accept and embrace the trigger, story, or set of limiting beliefs.

I’m sharing this because the world needs awakening leaders to unify and allow the light to prevail over the darkness.

 The world needs leaders who are humble & willingly align with the Divine Plan.

 The world needs leaders who are willing to sacrifice the mundane for deeper contribution & service.

As children of DEITY,
We are fueled by the greatest capacity to love.

And love is how we manifest our deepest desires.
Love is how we tip the scale of light & darkness to shift the fate of the planet.

 When we know who we are.
When we know where we come from.
When we remember that we are only 10% of the solution,
That 90% is surrendering & accepting Divine support,
We can live in certainty.

 And certainty is an essential frequency for leaders to navigate with expertise during these times of uncertainty.

 Certainty is a frequency. And it is one of the Affluence Codes that are dormant within your spiritual DNA.

 And I have been entrusted to share & activate these codes for leaders and teach my clients how to embody these frequencies.

If you are ready to uplevel your certainty,
I will be sharing a live training on this topic next week:


June 17th
Wed. 5 pm New York
Wed. 3 pm Costa Rica
Wed. 2 pm Los Angeles

June 18th Thurs. 11am Sydney

WHERE: as a FB live on my personal page


I will share my four-step process I use with my clients so they navigate their lives & businesses with increased ease & flow.

 You will walk away with knowing how to:

 💫 Lock-In Certainty to Manifest Your Vision with Ease
💫 Eliminate Self-Doubt to increase Confidence
💫 Collapse Timelines for faster manifestation
💫 Anchor in the frequency of what you create in the quantum field.

 And beyond the words, this is an energy transmission from my galactic guides to support you in remembering what you have always known.

 I invite you to join us


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