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by | Aug 9, 2019 | Abundance and Affluence

Did you know that a YouTube video of school in Costa Rica brought us to this paradise?

I had never even visited here!   My husband and I flew here with our kids for 10 days to check it out. 

2 months later, we sold everything including our house and bought a one-way ticket to a foreign country and made this place our home. 

Looking back, I know that we were called to Nosara.

With hindsight, the Universe had a plan for us and catapulted us into an environment,  outside the Matrix, immersed in nature, plugged into the energy of the jungle and ocean, where I could evolve and awaken. 

A few years later, I downloaded the Affluence Codes™

The past couple years have been a series of initiations, clearing away the distortions in my field and facing the ego, to prepare me to share these codes with the world. 

I’m sharing this to explain why I’ve been called to makeover my brand.    The current brand was not in resonance with the frequency of the Affluence Codes™

I could feel like something was off.  But I resisted the change.  I was in love with the colors!  And I had invested over $25,000 in a brand development 5 years ago. 

But I listened to the prodding, let go of the ego, and here’s the change.    The Affluence Codes™ are designed for leaders, to assist them in activating these codes, so they can embody these frequencies, access the next level of freedom and impact, and share them with others. 

The inspiration of the redo was merging the luxurious feel of the Mandarin Hotel and the celestial environment of the LDS San Diego Temple where my husband and I were sealed.   

Mandarin Hotel

LDS San Diego Temple

I was advised that my brand needed to be more luxurious. But the thing is… Affluence is not the worldly definition of wealth. Affluence is connection to the earth, to our souls, to our Divine purpose, to each other, to our heavenly origin. As more of us embody the frequency of affluence, we anchor in heaven on earth. We shift the planet.

Check out the makeover.




I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  💫 Evolve and Be Free 💫

Much love,



P.S. If you want to dive deeper into the Affluence Codes™, I am sharing a live training and activation on the Sovereignty Code and De-Activating the Bondage Code of Control as a bonus to my clients. And you are invited to join us.

Here are the details: ACTIVATE your Sovereignty Code, so you can shift to a higher frequency of freedom and receiving abundance in all its forms in the physical world. In this video training you will:

  •  DISCOVER The Bondage Codes active in humanity and which ones are in your field & how to de-activate them.
  •  ACTIVATE one of your Affluence Codes™ so you can start shifting into ‘The Calm Frequency’ around manifesting abundance and call it in faster.
  •  CALL BACK a portion of soul memory around money & release a stack of FALSE codes active in your field. AND…
  •  PARTICIPATE in a global ABUNDANCE HEALING to activate a flow of abundance into the entire world, for all of humanity to enjoy.

This is an ACTIVATION from my Affluence Codes™ Mastermind Program and Return to Affluence Program.

It is foundational to my work, so I share it with all my clients! I have never shared it with the public, and I have never shared it for FREE! 

Please know that ALL my clients are also doing this training as part of their coaching and expansion, so by joining us, you are experiencing my true body of work as if you had paid for it also. I am excited for what happens in your world after you receive this upgrade!

P.P.S. If you know anyone else who can benefit from this free channelled activation, please share the love.


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