Manifesting Secret: What caps most entrepreneurs [It’s not what you think]

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

“You can’t share this.”
“You don’t look like when you were 20.”
“Is this too much?”

I’m sharing my mind chatter because it highlights the mini-judgements most of us entertain on a daily basis.

And it may seem harmless
But these little judgements are what keep many entrepreneurs capped in upleveling their business & accessing the next layer of freedom.

To shift into freedom,
You must match its frequency.

The judgements of self and others keep us capped because it is not a Vibrational match for freedom.

💫I speak from my own field research & personal experience…
Over the past 10 years, this has been my journey:
Stripping away the judgements & distortions in my field,
Making peace with the ego,
To prepare myself to receive the Affluence Codes.

[I didn’t know that was why… ]
I just wanted to overcome self-sabotage, heal family patterns, & be a better mom,
Until this path led me to a PhD, studying energy healing, & building a coaching company that aligned to my gifts & purpose.

Several years later, my family & I left my husband’s corporate executive job & the U.S. to live a life of freedom & serve our clients from abroad.

When I first downloaded these codes,
I asked, Why me?
I was content living our dream with my family in
Costa Rica.
But I was guided that the Universe did not bring us to paradise,
Just to live a good life.
There was a deeper purpose…
To serve humanity.

And now I have the courage to share this with the world.

The Challenge with self-talk is that Judgemental thinking, if left unchecked,
Is incongruent with the frequency of Affluence, which starts with inner freedom.

Affluence is accessible to every human being. .
It is our Divine birthright.

Quantum physics reveals that
We live in a multidimensional Universe
With infinite parallel realities.

That means that there is a world/ reality that is abundant now.
If we choose to vibe at this frequency.

Judgements of self & others keep us in a loop, repelling the HEAVEN ON EARTH reality.

Because judgments create separation.

When you entertain a thought that separates you from your soul’s truth,

When you entertain a thought that separates you from another human,

You resist the very abundance that is your inherent state.

The good news is
That our tendency to judge ourselves & others
Is not even our fault..

It is a false program!
Like a virus in your computer.

Eons ago, there was a Slave Grid placed upon humanity.

Think of the grid as the Collective hardware that stores all the codes (i.e. programs & Collective beliefs) that run your operating system.

And within that false grid,
There is the Bondage Code of Judgement.

Every time we judge ourselves
Or judge another,
We are keeping each other locked in that Grid.

When you deactivate this bondage code,
it no longer keeps you chained to a denser Reality.

🙏And if you had a touch of judgment that I posted a seninude picture,
Tune unto that and choose to release it,
When you set others free,
You shift into deeper freedom. 🙏

That is why in the scriptures,
We are taught that in heaven,
No man can enter without the pure love of Christ..
When we vibe at the highest frequency of Christ-love,
we hold the key to unlocking Heaven-on-earth Reality.

My soulwork is working with leaders,
Activating the 24 dormant Affluence Codes & dissolving Bondage Codes, so that vibing at the frequency of freedom & Affluence is the new normal.

The Mastermind is a year-long container,
Because it takes practice to activate & stabilize these frequencies
Until you embody a new identity.

Working with hundreds of clients,
I’ve observed this pattern:

When an entrepreneur has reached an upper limit or cap on her success,
The Universe is inviting them to dissolve false codes so they can elevate to a higher frequency.

If you are reading this,
And you are a leader with a deep desire to contribute to humanity,
This message is for you…

The way you access the next layer of freedom & Affluence is through your frequency.

Make your frequency your #1 priority.

Releasing judgements,
And deactivating the Bomdage Codes,
So you can serve your clients & the planet at your highest level.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

❤️ Tera

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