How to manifest your dream when your loved one is not on the same page

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Success Strategies

The sun sinks below the ocean horizon. Our silhouettes barely discernible in the remaining whispers of light. I am surfing with my 11-year-old son. A strong set takes us over. I am pinned under the water for many seconds. I push myself up & gasp for air. Concerned about my boy, not wanting him to have a negative experience, I ask, “Ready to leave?”
He responds, “Mom, I want to stay.”
“Ok.”And I feel grateful he is enjoys the water as much as I do.
My vision moving to Costa Rica was that we are a surfing family.

But what do you do when you have a vision, and your loved ones do not hold the same dream?
My kids were not as enthused about the beach & surfing as I am and 2 of my 3 children decided surfing was “not their thing. “
But I held onto the vision, didn’t push,I invited them sometimes, didn’t get discouraged, and I continued learning & doing what I love everyday…surfing.
And one day, Jayce gets the surf bug…It didn’t happen as I expected. —he prefers body boarding—
And he is asking me to take him surfing, sometimes twice a day. I realized it wasn’t surfing that I wanted, It was the frequency of being in the ocean together, sharing the waves.

Here’s why I’m sharing this: It’s a reminder to hold onto your vision even when those you love do not seem onboard.
NOTE: it took 4 years for this dream to manifest into the physical reality.

⭐️He or she who holds the strongest conviction in the dream steers the dream. ⭐️

And when you stay committed to your vision, remaining unattached, and enjoying the journey along the way, your loved ones will follow.
Even if that means you letting go of control & being open to how it unfolds.

I hope this serves.

PS Remember, you absolutely can live your dream now… it’s already here.

If you want assistance accelerating you dream…and being plugged into the possibility of this for YOU now….lets breakthrough the #1 block standing in your way. I invite you to have a conversation. If this is YOUR YEAR, & you are committed.


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