Warning: How Obama and Romney May Be Harming Your Health

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Success Strategies

This week, I watched the presidential debate with my husband. Afterwards, I scanned Facebook to observe my friends’ reaction to the political contest. The emotions most noticeable included anger, sarcasm, self-righteousness, incredulity, and blame. And I considered how these negative feelings impact our health. As an energy intuitive, I steer clear of posturing my political views in the public arena. My specialty is helping my clients release personal and money blocks, so they can create the life they desire.

Unfortunately, negative feelings attract the life we don’t want. Rhonda Byrnes’ movie The Secret popularized these principles from the Law of Creation, also known as the Law of Attraction. Everything created begins as a thought. A thought is the seed of your creation. You nurture it through persistent focus, concentrated action, and love. Conversely, negative thoughts accompanied with strong feelings thwart our ability to create the life we envision and attract the opposite, which can include health issues.

Politics evoke strong feelings and opinions. That is why it is taboo to talk about politics at parties or with strangers, unless, of course, we share the same political views. I know it is a challenge to separate our political opinions from our feelings.  I am just as guilty as anyone else in getting caught up in the political fray. We are impassioned creatures. When you encounter the Other viewpoint, even when it comes from beloved friends and family, it feels threatening.

As an empath, I have the uncanny ability to occupy another person’s viewpoint. Recalling intuitive Penny Pierce’s words, I feel into the other person’s energy, his frame of reference, and his feelings and desires. I ask myself, what if what this person says is true? How is it true for her? What is her vision for the world? How is it the same as mine? It may be only for a moment, and then I will shake it off and return to the comfort of my energetic space.

All this anger, stemming from politics, can raise blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and even elicit depression. On an energetic level, it weakens our abilities to invite more success, more joy, and more peace in our lives. Truth is, to say Obama and Romney are harming our health is giving away too much of our own power. We get to decide. And no matter the political outcome of the election, we can choose love.


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