One CEOs journey from control to freedom

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Freedom

I was working with a client named Amy [name changed for confidentiality] who wanted to scale to a 7 figure company while not compromising her time freedom.

She valued her time with her family,
and she was deeply devoted to God. She wasn’t willing to grow a business simply to make a lot of money.
It needed to be aligned with her soul values.

The path to freedom for her (and many of the light leaders I work with) was shifting the belief that it was either/ or:
“I can be spiritual” or “I can be wealthy.”

We dissolved the guilt around creating wealth.

“Does God really care that I have a successful business?”
She asked in one session.

The thing is… she was super gifted in her area of expertise.

“If you were a parent, and you had a child who was a prodigy in Dance,”
I pointed out,
“and your daughter was passionate about dancing,
Wouldn’t you support your child to be the very best dancer?

When we magnify our gifts and talents, when we become the most authentic expression of our soul,
we are honoring God. “

As she shifted over the past couple years of working together,
her revenue more than doubled.

But when a few fires blazed in her business,
She would revert to old patterns of control to problem-solve.

The Challenge is that control leaks energy.

And she would feel exhausted, and she wouldn’t enjoy the time with her family.

She would begin to wonder if it was worth it.

What allowed her to grow her business with increased flow was learning to surrender her will to Divine will,
which is the hallmark of releasing control.

Like most of us who have a spiritual practice,
she knew how to put her trust in God.

But for most CEO’s,
It can feel odd to turn over the mundane aspects our business to Divine Support.

And she busted through the belief:

Why would God care whether or not my business was successful?

she developed a relationship with the Divine that invited God as the key advisor into her business.

As she released the blocks & programs that wire us to control,
She attracted an amazing team to support her company.
She showed up with increased grace & calm In her leadership,

And as a result, she started attracting multi-7-figure clients
because of who she was BEING.

As her business grew exponentially,
She also realized she had the freedom to take a few months off to travel with her family.

This is the power of growing a business in alignment with your soul with the Freedom Frequency codes activated in your field.

I’ll be going as deep as I can over 5 Day Challenge on Activating the codes of Freedom Frequency and De-Activating the Bondage Code of Control.


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P.S. My intention is to share this frequency of freedom & teach how to become truly FREE to those souls who are ready to receive. So we can rise above this collective mayhem.

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