Overcoming the fear of being seen

by | Jul 13, 2019 | Success Strategies

Years ago, I was speaking at a Mastermind.
To a group of my peers, mostly 7-figure leaders.

As I finished my story,
My mentor spoke bluntly,
“You are speaking from your head, not your heart.”

Her words cut to my core…

It was true.
Whenever I was nervous,
I stayed in my head.

I wanted so much to look good to my peers.
And I felt exposed.
Processing ancient wounds of shame…
In front of an audience.

What happened next
Confronted my deepest fears of being seen…

Despite my best efforts to compose myself,
I broke down crying,
It wasn’t shedding a few tears!
I sobbed uncontrollably.
Standing there in front of people I respected.
Wanting to look professional..
And losing it.

It was a defining moment.

By walking through what terrified me the most,
Being seen,
Being vulnerable,
Being judged,
Not being accepted, I dissolved a fear
That held be back.

I am free from those fears.

I’m sharing this because
Many people want to clear the fear through energy work.
Clients come to me activate Affluence Codes & to release any blocks
From creating more impact & freedom in their business.

And yes, sometimes you can get to the root of a fear & release it.
But I have found
That the fastest way to dissolve the fear of being seen,
Is to walk right through that fear.

Even if that means
Being vulnerable,
And people seeing you
As your authentic self.
Even if it means
Messing up.

I’m not saying that you have to break down on stage…
It was a necessary step for me on my journey as a leader.
What is required
Is the willingness
To feel the fear
And do it anyway.

Perhaps, there is something you desire right now,

And you are waiting Because you feel a pinch of fear

This is your reminder that your dreams live beyond that fear

Take a deep breath Jump in.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

❤️ Tera

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