Play your way to abundance

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Abundance and Affluence

“Relax. Go slowly. You have all the time in the world.”
The teacher advises.

I am sitting here with my daughter taking a lesson on basket-weaving.

We are visiting Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica this week.

It is a chill day—
Swim, nap, play, and this basket-weaver muchacho approaches & speaks in Spanish, “Want anything? Un colibrí? Una tortuga? Una canasta?
[hummingbird, turtle, basket]

Turns out, he teaches lessons in basket-weaving, and my girls are eager to learn.

So we spend an hour together learning this ancient craft.

I’m in deep appreciation for this time to spend with my family.
Kids are out of school, and I get to treasure these moments, while running a multi-6-figure company, location-free with the support of an amazing aligned team.

Affluence is not measured by just the profit you earn,
It’s moments like these…
Each breath…
Being present with those you love, each moment, that you can never get back.

The thing is…
Being here is not “vacation”.
Most of humanity looks forward to getting away, taking a break from their real life & work.

But you don’t need a vacation
Play=Work & Work=Play.

When you fully integrate this code, there is no separation.

Because play is a frequency, and Abundance through Play Code is one of the 24 Affluence Codes that I teach my clients to activate within & stabilize that frequency until they embody that code.

Play is the key to manifesting abundance.

When God created the heavens & earth, it was not in the energy of striving, struggle, or pushing.
This magnificent Universe was created in the energy of play.

If you want to create your vision from a place of ease & flow,
With less effort & aligned action, in harmony with the pulse of the Universe,
You’ve got to work less, play more.
This is how you create & live a life of freedom.

And from this high-vibe frequency of play,
You are in an elevated vibration to serve your tribe,
Call in your soul-aligned clients, and contribute in a bigger way to the planet.

💫Evolve & Be Free💫

                                                                           Much love,

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