The Real & Raw WHY I Am The Affluence Coach

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Abundance and Affluence

As we heal, we peel back the layers. We discard the masks of perfection. We return to our truest selves.

I felt stirred to share this never-revealed part of my story. It is time to bring this issue up into the light so we can all transmute our weaknesses into strengths.

Here is WHY I am the affluence coach:

Click here to watch.

I hope you resonate with this story–with the humanity that we all have our imperfections and weaknesses. And that we can absolutely break free of our ancestral and childhood baggage.

At the end, I share a special invite to the A-Life Method Certification Retreat in Costa Rica. If you want to learn these tools for yourself, click here to apply.


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