Seize the Day by Shifting Your Thoughts

by | Aug 20, 2012 | Success Strategies, Transcending the Upper Limit

Confession: Most mornings, I am knocked helter skelter off my natural rhythm, as I muster the energy to set my house in motion. As a momma of young children, I dimly recall the luxury of rising out of my bed at a normal hour, such as a civil 7 o’ clock. So recently, I caught myself spinning a cycle of negative thoughts, as I complained to my husband, the early riser–a trait my children must have inherited from him–: “Mornings are such a struggle for me!”

Looking for sympathy, I started to describe the disconnections in my brain, along with my daily litany of momma challenges, when I halted. My husband, Mr. Optimism, grinned at me knowingly, as if he caught me in “The Act.”

“I know. I know.” I admitted. “What am I creating?” I am an energy coach and lifelong student of success principles. As as mother, I knew my attitude set the rhythm for our family’s day. Yet how could I shift this pattern?

Before children, I ran several miles every morning. My endorphins circulated through cerebral tissue like a brain massage. I showered, ready to embrace the day. But now, my husband left early for a long commute. And I was left to manage the sometimes capricious, younger members of our family without my proven methods of self-care.

That night after prayers, I lay in bed and imagined a new morning: I awake feeling refreshed and cheerful. I relish the early morning cuddles. We speak kindly to each other. The children dress and eat in a timely manner. The morning routine flows effortlessly.

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For good measure, I cleared through Simply HealedTM any attachments to struggling in the morning, particularly any martyr or victim energy, falsely associated with being a good mother.

The next morning, I felt a shift in my disposition! I shared the good news with my husband. “What happened?”, he asked.

“I made an effort to control my thoughts!”

I can’t report that every morning is perfect, but just before falling asleep, if I remember to visualize what I want to create the following day, my brain is an amazing asset, always willing to help.

We just need to remember to ask!

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  1. Catherine Sibi

    Thank you for reminding me how to stand up and walk out of my history.


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