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by | Jul 29, 2021 | Awakening

We are awakening! Despite the fear & gloom vibe that we may hear on mainstream media & social media channels, we can observe more and more humans awakening to their true essence and starting to notice this 3D reality for the illusion or as I compare it to, the virtual reality video game we are playing.

It begs the questions… What does it mean to awaken?

As my friend Dr. Greg Damato has explained, We are being blasted with photons from the sun, so many bits of data, and our bodies are undergoing a transformation. It’s been called the Age of Aquarius because our planet is literally positioned closer to the sun in our orbit than it has for thousands of years. It’s like the veil of amnesia is getting thinner and it allows us to have access to our soul memory of who we are as Divine Beings.

We are sons and daughters of GOD, the Divine, Source energy (please use whatever spiritual vocabulary resonates and discard what doesn’t).

Another way to put it, We are fractals of God-consciousness.

Many religious people acknowledge that they are children of a loving Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Yet so many religious or spiritual people fail to truly comprehend what this means.

We have the power to create our reality.

This Universal truth is not simply an intellectual idea.

When we KNOW this truth, it is embodied in our hearts, and it allows us access to shift our reality.

Isn’t that exciting?

Through our thought and our emotions, we make thoughts becomes things.

This is how worlds were created.

This is how we were created as extensions of God-consciousness.

I am sharing this because the past couple years, I faced more than my share of challenges.

I compare it to a juggler who is gracefully juggling an array of plates, seemingly dancing in the air, but what happens if we were to throw 6 to 12 more plates at him simultaneously? Would he still execute with the same flow and ease?

It is easy to maintain a high frequency when we are living a life a material abundance.

Can we maintain a high abundance frequency when there are financial challenges?

Disentangling from a 22-year-old marriage, there have been moments of chaos, acknowledging and surrendering to what I am powerless over: other people, places, and things.

My emotional resilience to stay at a high frequency was stretched and strengthened beyond what I thought was possible.

I maintained the daily practices that I teach my clients: meditation, energy work, visualization, writing a letter to my angels, journalling.

Yet there was a missing piece.

This past year, I received an understanding truly of what it takes to manifest consistently.

So I am excited to share it with you.


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