Shifting into Prosperity

by | Sep 25, 2012 | Success Strategies

My website offers a complimentary download of a group energy session on Creating Financial Abundance. Funny thing, I felt a shift listening to the recording of my own session. Honestly, I didn’t expect that, since after all, I was the present during the live energy session. Didn’t I already receive the benefits?

It was late in the evening, and I listened to the audio file while I was uploading the mp3 file to my website.

I was tired, trying to cram in too much after the kids went to bed, but I was eager to share this gift with my community.  As I heard the sound of me, the faciliator/ energy coach in a parallel universe, moving the group energy, I felt revitalized. My unexpected experiment with quantum physics was surreal and fascinating.

Even though I have done much energy work around prosperity-consciousness, I am still learning. After listening to the session, a block had been released. I felt motivated to review my spending plan and discuss it with my husband. Often, discussing finances brings up a feeling of angst for me. We are good at attracting financial abundance, but I don’t like to discuss numbers. And I’ll do anything to avoid it. But after the energy work, I was able to review our finances and have a grown-up business meeting with my husband. It went splendidly, without all the heavy feelings that sometimes arise.

I am grateful for this work, as challenging as it is for our intellectual minds to grasp. When you listened to the recording, did you feel a shift around money matters?  I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to share with us below.


  1. Michelle Gower

    Tera, I think it’s much like when we hear the sound of our own voices on a recording for the first time. We usually recoil in horror and can’t believe we sound that way! 🙂 Likewise, we are almost always better at helping someone else to see things from a different perspective than ourselves. Why? Because we are “in” it. In the moment, in the words, in the action, in the energy. I think if you were simply a participant in the session, and watched or heard yourself on video, you may notice seemingly for the first time certain facial expressions that you make and when, how closely you sit to other people, how you verbally shape your answers to questions that make you uncomfortable.

    So I think this was a good revelation for you, based on what I’m reading. Also, as a teacher and workshop creator, I always strive to be a student at the same time that I’m teaching – in other words, I learn from my students as they learn from me. The fact that you were in tune with this is a wonderful thing. So glad you were able to get a new perspective!

    • Tera

      Thank you, Michelle for your comment. It is so true that we are always learning, especially as we teach.



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