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by | Mar 21, 2019 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

I wanted to drop in today & share with you some personal insights & recent experiences I hope will serve.


Last year was the toughest year of my life. I made “feeling good” conditional upon how others were showing up. I witnessed how I allowed my emotions to take me on a detour.

I saw how the spiritual ego created such distractions by looking outside myself instead of focusing on the inner work.

The challenge was this: How can I stay on a high vibration when those I loved were not on the same focus? What I learned was a deeper level of commitment.

It was the best lesson ever…
I upleveled my emotional resilience to deepen my commitment to my vision, no matter what! To love unconditionally, & also surrender to what is.

Here’s why I am sharing this:
If you do not like the results in your life……………Shift your frequency.

“Affluence is a choice”

If you are not in love with the results in your life, it may suck to hear this truth. You may slip into self-judgement. You may ask yourself:
“What am I doing wrong? Where is the gap? Why is the Law of Attraction not working for me?”

The truth is that affluence is simply a frequency, and a good indicator of your frequency is your EMOTIONS.

Affluence as a choice simply means you get to choose your frequency.

So ask yourself this:


Are you so committed to the frequency of your vision that you feel gratitude for it BEING LOCKED-IN & DONE, even if your vision is a far cry from your current reality?

When you are energetically aligned with the frequency of your desire, realizing your dream is inevitable. You are invoking the Law of Certainty, one of the Laws of Affluence.

Everything you currently attract into your life is aligned with your present vibration.

That is why investing your time, resources, & energy in your FREQUENCY Is the most important investment you can make!
This is why I spent 17 days in Peru. This is why I sought support from Divine Guidance that led me to mentors, friends, & plant medicine to help me remember what we already possess within.

This is why we lead retreats & coaching programs to support others in awakening to their power to choose their frequency & master their ability to create their reality.

Everything you observe in your 3D physical reality is a byproduct of your frequency.

So make your FREQUENCY your #1 priority.

This is how we rise together!

I hope this serves.

P.S. If you want to learn more about Conscious Reality Creation, reply with the word FREQUENCY and I’ll send you my free ebook.


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