The Subtle Ways We Procrastinate

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

A jaguar crept up to our pool’s edge last night. The purr of a wild cat startled my husband from sleep. At first, he thought it was just an average cat. But it was unlike anything he had ever heard before. Instinctively, he knew it was not safe to go outside.

AJ, who embodies that strong warrior guardian archetype, hails from generations of hunters. He is fearless. And if he doesn’t think it is safe to go outside, IT IS NOT SAFE.

This morning, I awoke to feeling the fierce focus and power of this wild feline on our premises. Wow! What a dream to be living in the jungle and experiencing adventure every day.

This may be not your dream.

But this jaguar totem can remind you that living your DREAM is right here at your fingertips.

Too often, we hit the snooze button on our dreams.

We give reasons that make logical sense.

But dreams don’t require logic.

Living an extraordinary life requires living by the heart.

Click here to watch this video on the subtle ways we hit the snooze button on our dreams.

Sending you much love and jaguar energy!


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