Suicidal Thoughts & The Law Of The Slingshot

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

Hi love, the past few weeks I dove deep into a personal hell of depression. I sobbed tears of despair. And what was worse… waking up & feeling nothing.

I had brushed up against a former version of myself. She is crazy. She is self-destructive. She thinks she is powerless.

I remembered these thoughts & feelings from a decade ago. How I used to show up and handle life… And It was scary.

Was it brain chemistry? Needing more sleep? Burying unexpressed anger?

Our minds want to analyze to find the why. 
But it doesn’t matter.

I felt that this was bigger than me… and all the tools that we know to use… felt beyond me.

When we feel depressed, we can feel paralyzed to do the things that everyone recommends: shifting through energy work, practicing gratitude, engaging in physical activity, asking for support from a mentor, eating a healthy diet., or taking supplements… I did all of these things, but it didn’t work immediately.

There were a few moments I wanted to die… the pain was so immense that I no longer wanted to endure the weight.

Yet I remained the Observer. I stayed curious. I kept my eye focused on where was the flow.

I am not my thoughts. 
I am not my beliefs. 
I am not this pain. 
I am not these emotions.

I felt like a big wave had wiped me out, and I was pinned under the water, scrambling to get to air again.

I just needed to remember to stop struggling. 
Stop the resistance. 
Stop feeding this monster with more negative thoughts.

I needed to remember this mantra: 
Trust. Surrender. Breathe.

Eventually, the wave passes to the shore. And there is a respite from the turbulence.

I surfed, shedding many tears in the water. 

I saw the childhood pattern of powerlessness when I was not being seen or heard.

But here is the thing: 
We get to choose how we show up. 
We get to choose how we create our own reality. 
We are the directors of our own dream.

Thankfully, the storm shifted.

I feel alive again. 
I feel grateful. 
I feel excited about life.

I worked with the Law of Polarity and what I call the Law of the Slingshot.

If I am experiencing the depth of desolation, it also means its exact opposite also exists… 

And is accessible to me.

Hitting a bottom contains the seed of its counterpart.

And when we recognize this potentiality, we can bring it into our current reality.

The Law of the Slingshot describes a process of hitting bottom, that we are merely remembering and integrating past versions of ourselves before we uplevel. It’s like we are being stretched into an earlier time continuum, only to be catapulted into a more evolved version of ourselves.

But many people believe that how they feel is the true reality…

To invoke the Law of the Slingshot, we have to remember… and stay alert… and get excited about the possibility, so that we shift it.

We get to expect, while staying undetached, the most amazing outcome, just around the corner…

And when we surf this expectation, a favorable outcome is inevitable.

Abundance is right here for you.

We just need to wake up and claim it.

Manifesting affluence is simple and yet so profound. That is why I study it. That is why I make it my life mission to master living a life on purpose, a life of ease & flow, and teaching others to do the same.

We do not have to work so hard. 
We do not have to figure things out. 
We are so supported.

And it doesn’t mean that life is perfect all the time. And we don’t face challenges, heartache, and even depression.

But we can manifest our dreams at an accelerated rate when we are accessing all the tools that are here for us.

You deserve to manifest your dream now… not tomorrow. Not 6 months from now. Not in the distant future.

We get to choose–living in our dream or living in our own hell.

What do you choose to create today?

There is so much more to using these tools to consciously design our reality. Just scratching the surface here…

If you are a gamechanger and committed to living your vision this year and are ready to achieve at an accelerated rate, I am happy to chat with you.

After all this shifting, I feel so inspired. I opened up my schedule this weekend to talk with you. There are only 6 spots available. Click here to book a call with me. 


Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.
Affluence Coach


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