Seize the Day by Shifting Your Thoughts

I can’t report that every morning is perfect, but just before falling asleep, if I remember to visualize what I want to create the following day, my brain is an amazing asset, always willing to help. We just need to remember to ask!

5 Simple Ways to Identify and Remove Blocks

5 Simple Ways to Identify and Remove Blocks

Do you procrastinate on an action that could yield big rewards? Unwillingness to change could signal an underlying block. Blocks prevent us from standing fully in our own Light. Yet blocks also represent a potent area for transformation because the resistance masks a primal fear of our own greatness.

Debunking Hype on Energy Work – Part 2

I have owned my Mac notebook for almost 5 years, it has worked splendidly, but just recently it started slowing down. Soon, I will hand my computer to an Apple technician who can clean it up, remove any bugs and unnecessary clutter, and provide clean pathways so my...