The Backstory Of Why We Separated And YOU

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

Are you ready to step into the Highest, most ABUNDANT version of your SELF?

Here, I reveal an intimate part of my life. My husband and I almost broke up! And not for the reasons we typically give for why we leave a relationship.

It was because I received a directive from my Higher Self. Would you listen and obey your intuition, if you were told to take action that would disrupt your life as you know it?

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I share this because there is a key vibrational resonance that as you listen, it will awaken you to remember. Your truth. Your power. Your ability to truly surrender.

Here is the thing:

My work focuses on sloughing off the limiting beliefs and blockages that keep you from listening to your Higher Self.

When you listen, you are confident. You have clarity. You manifest the life you truly desire.

When you don’t, you create roadblocks to get your attention.

Not consciously, of course, but in your infinite brilliance, you planned your path so you cannot fail.

You can choose a hard path with more suffering because you need more proof before you will believe your power to create your reality.

Or you can choose the easy way. a path of more ease and flow. It takes implicit trust. It takes Surrender. It takes letting go of control.

Are you ready?


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