The Bulls**t You’ve Been Buying

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Conscious Business + 5D Business

When you’re stuck on a hamster wheel with your business, do you ever pull back and look at the situation and think, “Maybe all this positive thinking stuff is a bunch of crap!”

Well….you’re not entirely off base.

There is something to be said for thinking at a more positive frequency but here’s the deal- nothing happens at the level of THINKING.

Things shift at the level of EMBODIMENT.

Maybe you’re frustrated because you think you’ve been sending out the right signals, doing everything from the heart. Maybe you work on our manifesting like crazy: vision boards in the office, kitchen, and bedroom, total focus on your intentions and goals. And maybe you journal, write about being thankful, and keep up with positive, targeted, goal-aligned literature.

And nothing…

Stagnant business. Stagnant income. Stagnant life.

It boils to down to embodiment and embodiment happens when you give yourself permission to be the next-level you!

What does she look like? What does she do all day? What does she believe and require? What does she no longer tolerate? What are her non-negotiables?

You have to be in alignment with the next level to get to the optimal creative energy and vibration to produce your best work. When you produce your best work, your business blossoms, and you get into conscious reality creation.

And THAT is where you want to be!

But you can’t get anywhere without knowing your set point, and my guess is that if you’re feeling pulled to the next level while simultaneously feeling stuck at the one you’re at, you’re set point is wrong!

I can help you. I can tune into your current set point and help you recalibrate it to the one you actually want! That’s when the magic happens That’s when you start to do more than THINK about your dream life. That’s when you start LIVING IT!.

You have to raise your set point and then take action that matches it!

But here’s something you should know about me by now. I will hold you to the fire. And it’s not because I’m tough, it’s because wasted potential is something I cannot know about and ignore. If I see, hear and feel the spark inside you, I am going to offer you a way to bring it fully forth, once and for all.

So come ready to rise!

Let’s do this!

                                                                                                                                       Much love,

Tera Maxwell,PhD.
Chief Visionary
Founder of the Affluence Method


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