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by | Jan 23, 2020 | Success Strategies

SCARCITY shows up in people as NOT ENOUGH TIME or NOT ENOUGH MONEY, “ A mentor once told me…

When I first heard that NO TIME or NO MONEY were 2 sides of the same coin,
I didn’t believe it.

After all, I was super busy, running on fumes when I first started my company 9 years ago.
And my challenge juggling everything stemmed from mindset?

I worked long hours, managing the household, chauffeuring the kids, and eating out because I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Though I knew that our thoughts create our reality, I couldn’t believe that I could simply shift time through my thinking.

I used to think that I was limited by what was shmy current reality:
The work schedule, deadlines, family expectations.

I was letting work, the CALENDAR and others DICTATE the field of possibilities.

Because I was living in a BOX defined by time. .
I allowed TIME to keep me in bondage.

And yet, the way we access infinite abundance is by stepping out of the box of time.

Because Affluence is our Divine Birthright.

There is a Slave Grid, ie container of conditioned programs, placed upon humanity that keep us from accessing our Divine blueprint.

And the Bondage Code of NOT ENOUGH TIME is a false program that keeps successful people from accessing the highest levels of abundance available.

And as my husband and I moved to Costa Rica and embarked on awakening in this dream, we started working with plant medicine which revealed how simple it is to create our reality.

When we learned how to BEND TIME,
I shifted onto a timeline of true freedom.

Our clients saw our results, and expressed interest in plant medicine. So we started hosting our own retreats & bringing in shaman we trusted.

After experiencing the positives & negatives of plant medicine, we drew upon all we knew about energetic medicine, high-performance leadership , and the downloads I received about the Affluence Codes, dormant programs in your DNA that are waiting to be activated,
To create a process to help clients navigate plant medicine as a multidimensional tool,
And avoid the pitfalls.

And thus, the Quantum Alchemy Map for AYA was born as a tool to work with plant medicine as a multidimensional tool to manifest at an accelerated rate.

As a result of all this deep work,
I work with my clients, surf everyday, hang out with the family, and carve out big blocks of open-time for mediation, creation, and play.


Because I understand that FLOW state is how we create the next level of abundance,

I designed my life to have plenty of time to follow my soul-aligned desires,
and if you are an impact-driven entrepreneur, I am on a mission to help you do the same.

You’ll be able to understand how to collapse timelines and accelerate the manifestation of your desires through shifting frequency.

It wasn’t until I learned
that DECISIONS change timelines, and made a decision to follow my HEART first, that this level of freedom became possible. .

I stopped letting my current reality dictate my future.

When I allowed my calendar & schedule to control my decisions,

I hampered the flow & access to infinite possibilities.

And I only experienced the results that were allowed due to my enslavement to TIME.

I thought this was what successful people did,

instead of listening to my intuition first,

and that resulted in feeling tired and depleted,

and the success I achieved in growing my business was not sustainable.

Thankfully, I found that once I put the time limiter aside and learned how to work with the Quantum Field to collapse timelines,

I started to experiencing an avalanche of FLOW & synchronicities in my life.

I’ve overcome my challenges, committed to my personal goals, and when I did, the most amazing thing happened: I actually started achieving my goals with ease & calm.

And I want to share THE tool that helped me get on-track to achieve my personal goals so you can too.

It’s the QUANTUM ALCHEMY MAP in a training we recorded as the pre-term module for our 4 month coaching container Awakened Affluence.

The training is


Learn how to collapse timelines and access the next level of freedom with vibrational medicine.

One thing I love about our process we teach in ACCELERATED EVOLUTION WITH SACRED PLANT MEDICINE is how easy it is to implement.

And what we have witnessed in our clients is increased flow & inner peace that is the secret sauce to scaling growth.

If freeing yourself from the confines of time interests you,

The one commitment I’ve made that has brought me the most success is that I’ll share with you the Quantum Alchemy Map, and how we learned how to shift timelines by working with sacred plant medicine. .

Now I know EXACTLY what I need to do to create the life I’ve always wanted, and I invite you to check it out and make the choice that’s right for you.

Click the button below and I’ll send you to the ACCELERATED EVOLUTION WITH SACRED PLANT MEDICINE

 💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

❤️️ Tera


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