The Difference Between Pros and Amateurs

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Abundance and Affluence

I’m on the plane, flying home to Costa Rica after racing in the Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon. It was a breakthrough moment in my life. I’ll tell you more this week in another video. But I wanted to drop a quick note to discuss what I learned. The difference between pros and amateurs.

IMG_2008-300x225As you read on, ask yourself, how do you show up? As a pro? Or an amateur?

To be real… I did not want to race in this half-marathon: 1. I had just visited California 2 weeks ago, and it meant more time away from my family; 2. My closest friends decided not to race with me in Virginia. And I love racing with my girlfriends; 3. I just moved away from the East Coast, so it felt like going back; and 4. I am filling out my group program A-Life Academy which requires my love and focus.

When it came down to it, I did not feel like going. But here was the dilemma: I had trained the past few months for the race. I had made a commitment.

I could have found a race in Costa Rica that was more convenient, but I remembered the words of my mentor’s mentor Suzanne Evans: “Commitment starts when the fun stops.”

My choice was a measure of my commitment to show up as a Pro.

IMG_3320Here’s the difference between amateurs and pros, what I’ve borrowed from my mentor Shanda Sumpter:

Pros finish their commitments. They are motivated by their principles and realizing their vision. They implement and execute.

Amateurs operate on feelings. They do things based on what feels good or inspiring. They chase the next big idea or shiny object. They procrastinate.

It didn’t matter how I felt about the race. I went because it was a commitment and fit the bigger picture of the Tera I wanted to be.

Here’s why I am sharing this:

You have a choice today to show up as an amateur or pro.

IMG_3319It doesn’t matter if you feel resistance about your next task. Just do it. When you make the decision to show up as a pro and stop living as an amateur, you will feel a shift.

Ironically, living as a Pro allows you to live in the flow. And that flow is the sweet spot for creating abundance.

My group coaching program A-Life Academy is filled with clients who are committed to showing up as Pro. I’m so proud of them. Let me brag a little about their successes: Kevin just closed a deal that will provide for his family for 10 years. That’s right. 10 years. And Elizabeth has generated more revenue in her business in the past 5 months than all of last year. Kate shares that she feels more peace in her life. And she’s just about to have her 2nd baby tomorrow! And what’s cool is their commitment to living an A-Life has also increased the joy and intimacy in their relationships. So amazing! It brings tears to my eyes to participate in their journey. Click here to learn more about A-Life to see if you are a good fit for this program.

Well, my wifi is almost out, flying over Cuba. I hope this discussion of pros and amateurs makes a difference for your day.

Much love,



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