The gift of falling apart

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Success Strategies

Who here can relate to 2020 as the year of falling apart?

[This is for the ONES who are here to CHANGE THE WORLD

And everyone else who has encountered challenges last year…]

Last year was the YEAR of FALLING APART

For me, it looked liked one initiation after another,

Causing me to let go of attachments 

Because in dissolving these aspects of my ego,

I embarked on a journey of discovering inner peace.

I am sharing this message about INNER PEACE

Because when you anchor in this frequency,

You are always home.

The frequency of peace is the touchstone

To dissolve upper limits

Because you rest assured in the clarity, confidence, and trust

That you are going in the right direction,

You live in a deeper state of knowing,

Which means you feel centered, no matter what is happening in your life and in the world.

Months ago, I am walking barefoot on the paved trail to the beach.

The young almond trees that graced the path provide a little shade from the weltering sun.

As I ponder about a turmoil in my life around a relationship,

I observe the stories that the ego drums, like an incessant beat that triggers suffering,

Tears trickle down my face.

I sob,

Feeling powerless over so much going on in my life.

I express out loud to the Heavens,

In full surrender, “I can’t do this on my own, I turn this over to Thee.”

I imagine handing over the dense energy, like a burdensome lockbox that I had been slinging across my heart.

In that moment, I experience a Divine gift that leaves an indelible imprint on my mind,

Storing up more evidence of the miracles that occur

Each time I remember to surrender to the Divine,

The sorrow dissipates,

In its place inner peace permeates through every cell in my body.

Like a warm bath of light that dissolves all my egoic resistance to whom I truly am.

I marvel at the joy I feel, in contrast to the overwhelming emotions, only minutes before,

Rays of the sun dart through the branches overhead,  and my feet feel like skipping along the sandy path.

Inner peace is always awaiting us

When we surrender our way of doing things,

And choose to transcend the stories in our minds.

What we are watching on the news.

What we are experiencing in relationships,

What is happening in your finances.

No amount of chaos can touch us,

When you have access to inner peace,

You are like the sturdy bamboo, swaying in the storm,

But rooted into the earth of knowing who you are and your eternal connection to God.


Here are the 3 steps to Access Inner Peace that I share with the leaders and entrepreneurs that I serve:

  1. Observe the stories in your mind. It helps to write it down. Know that this is the ego’s story, and is what Eckharte Tolhe calls “the root of all suffering.”
  2. Identify the emotions you are feeling and the pattern: where have you seen this theme before in your life? Be radically honest about your part or role. Are you playing the victim, the martyr, the bully, the self-absorbed teenager, the righteous, the justified, the abandoned, the rejected, the unloved, etc.?
  3. Surrender: Imagine taking all your emotions, stories, and the corresponding pattern and put in a box and hand it over to the Higher Power of your understanding. 

You can draw upon the wise proverb from the 12 Steps: I can’t. God Can.

Once you have truly surrendered, peace ushers in.

What I have found working with my clients is this:

Although most leaders & entrepreneurs come to me to dissolve upper limits, to experience the freedom, abundance, and impact they are meant to share with the world,

The key to the KINGDOM of affluence is inner peace, and its ineffable sister, inner freedom.

It’s the precious gift that arrives on the journey toward embodying their true authentic selves.

Because divine affluence is a frequency aligned with the new earth, what we are shifting into as the 3D Matrix loses its foothold on us. 

For entrepreneurs who have a greater mission to serve in this Great Awakening, it’s not about just making money or having a successful launch.

It’s about aligning our will with Divine will, to serve the highest good of the collective.

That is why the old ways of doing business are not working as well for many leaders who came here to usher in the new earth and free humanity.

We’ve got to clear any distortions in our field so we can anchor in a new world.

We can see across the planet that the old paradigm is no longer working.

Which is why the forces of the Matrix seek even greater measures of control and instigating fear.

There is no cause for alarm.

Every method of interference or control is the greatest gift

When we remember to surrender to the Divine.

Letting go is ironically our truest source of power & sovereignty.

💫 Evolve & Be Free💫

Much Love,


P.S. If this message resonates, please share your thoughts below and  share with your friends. Let’s transcend this collective story of madness that we see around the world by raising our consciousness to what is possible. Let’s DREAM another world into reality. 

Who is with me? 


  1. Renee Richard

    I enjoy your writings and have read them for a few years now. I am lying here with a broken foot pondering a new career in writing. I am a senior adult. I know this would also be fruitful, I would excel and I need the fruit. Lol

  2. Douglas Thomas

    Happy New Year!
    I am always blessed to hear your wisdom.
    Pease be upon you always.

  3. Jocelyn A Lernout

    Beautiful !!! Thankyou for this share, it resonates 🙂 and I’m grateful for your work and positive strength for transcending
    Welcoming golden age ❤️ Love and peace

  4. Isabelle Gutierrez

    Thank you dear Tera for your heart warming words! A gift for my birthday❣️2021 will be more eye opening, I feel, and more about surrendering to a very deep level of attachment. Blessings


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