The Irony of Surrender

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Transcending the Upper Limit

I was lying on the bathroom floor at a boyfriend’s house. Alone. Almost morning, I swooned from a near-lethal concoction of drugs and alcohol.

Throwing up over the toilet bowl, I surrendered.

“God, please help me.”

In that moment I received the grace to break free of 12 years of addiction. The presence of an all-loving Creator gave me what I could not get on my own. Years in and out of rehab, hospitals, and 12-step meetings. Suicidal attempts. Patches of clean time. But I would always return to the dis-ease inside me.

This time was different.

I surrendered.

Through that act of surrender, I experienced Grace. A Higher Power granted me a reprieve from the desire for alcohol and drugs. I felt supported. I followed that up with attending 12-step meetings and accepting earthly support.

Gaining sobriety gave me the clarity to go back to school. And I learned to trust in a power greater than myself.

Last week, a friend asked me to reflect on the major transformations in my life.

Every powerful transformation that I have experienced has a common denominator:

I invoked the Law of Surrender.

The Law of Surrender is one of the 12 Universal Laws of Affluence.

You may have heard about the Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Polarity, to name a few. The premise is this–that the entire Universe operates within these laws. If you understand and work with the Laws, you can get better results in your life.

The Laws of Affluence are distinct because we are working with a Higher Law.

Affluence is accessing your divine ability to create the money, love, and freedom in your life, aligned with your inner purpose.

The original meaning of Affluence is from Old French, meaning flowing toward. Here, I define Affluence as going with the flow of your Higher Self. When you are in flow, you feel supported and buoyed up by the Universe. No more struggle. No more expending so much effort.

The planet is shifting.

The human consciousness must be upgraded to a Higher Law and collective operating system. As more of us agree to live by these Higher Laws of Affluence, we will experience a frequency upgrade on this planet.

Poverty, crime, and war will slough away as the scales of an antiquated system that no longer resonate with what we believe to be TRUTH on this planet.

My mission is to teach these Divine Laws of Affluence.

The Law of Surrender states that when you are completely connected to Divine Source, your power & scope of possibilities is infinite.

He or she who is made in the image of the Creator bears the same seeds & infinite potentiality as the Creator.

When you defer to this Source & acknowledge your own spiritual lineage in every waking moment, you are infinitely more powerful than on your own.

You are so powerful. And true power comes from complete surrender.

The challenge is that fear wires us with a need to control the situation.

If you are a control freak, you are repelling opportunities for abundance.

If you receive a prompting from your Higher Self and then choose what is safe and in your comfort zone, you are closing the door to so many blessings that are in store for you.

So here is the message for today:

Your power lies in your ability to surrender, every waking moment, to the one True Source of Light, Love, and Truth.

Are you willing to truly surrender?

Are you willing to do that which is scary and uncomfortable?

Are you willing to leap?

Ask your Higher Self: what is the next step for today?

And do it.

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  1. Kay Perret

    I allow myself to surrender more each day. I am always aware of the Divine guiding my thoughts and my life. I allow.

    Thank you for this powerful message Tera.


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