The Myth of “I AM ENOUGH”

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Success Strategies

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“I am enough” drove my quest to get a PhD. I sought to overcompensate for the shame I felt for my past:

I was a stripper in my twenties.

When I returned to school at the age of 28, I hid behind the facade of the straight-A student and later, grad student. I sobered up and left the glitzy world of stripping.

I married. I returned to the faith of my Mormon ancestors, the LDS church. I blotted out the memories of cavorting with rich men, thousand dollar nights, champagne bottles in the VIP room, and latching on to a sugar daddy when I believed my only worth was in my body & how men viewed me.

I never spoke about my past again. Until I healed the shame within.

“I am not enough” stems from the emotional toxin of shame.

Clients flock to me to heal & release this block within them. They believe that once they know they are enough, everything else will click inside. They will gain confidence & inner peace. And it works to some degree.

But the entire premise is flawed. Much of the transformational coaching industry is based on healing this block. And you will keep coming back for more healing because it can never go away.

Until you leave the paradigm.

I stopped clearing blocks around “I am enough” in myself because it no longer interested me. When we integrate fully with our Divine Self, we see the falsehood behind this loop.

Here is the truth:

You are NOT Enough. You will never be enough. And as long as you pursue being enough, you stay on the loop of “not enoughness.”

Being enough is a lie. That keeps you stuck in your humanness.

Even the word “enough” is tinged with a heaviness of shame. Like a grumpy parent declaring “Enough, these are the limits of your expression. Don’t go beyond this. Don’t live outside of the box.”

Pursuing to be enough is still living within the box, mired in the machinations of the Matrix. Here’s why:

You cannot think “I am enough” without also conceiving “not enoughness”.

But when you awaken, you realize that it was all a game, a ploy to keep you asleep.

But it will work no longer.

You are not enough.


Can you imagine God walking around seeking to be enough?

That would be ludicrous.

Can you imagine that the Creator of universes, galaxies, thunderstorms, rainbows, and worlds without end seeks “enoughness”?

Our Creator (and Source) keeps expanding. And to contain Deity into “enough” would be blaspheme.

Therefore, as offspring of deity, for you & me to seek to “be enough” is blaspheme. It goes against every fiber of our exquisite DNA.

Accept that I am not enough. I will never be enough. Because I am infinitely expanding. I am an expression of the glory of my Creator.

Say this instead:

I am infinite.

I am infinity.

I am infinite potential.

Breathe that in, until your heart expands and bursts with the pregnancy of your hope, desire, & love.

And you are loved and adored in your infinity.

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I hope this serves you. If you resonate with this, and want to know more, send me a note. I would love to know more about you & your vision.


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